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Yes, I'm vegan. No, I don't want to explain it...

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

I decided to embrace the vegan way of life in December 2019. It's all to do with vibration, or energy. What you put in is what you get out. So you can imagine the vibrational response to eating corpses...

How hard was it?


So easy, I had been vegetarian for years in my teens and early twenties. I don't really miss meat and I have never eaten fish. Meat makes a meal heavy and my body's response to it much the same. Sluggish and blah.


I did a detox towards the end of 2019. Limited meat, some fish (which I forced down) and no dairy. To my surprise it came to the fore that I am allergic to dairy. I was astounded by how good I felt. As soon as the detox was over and I had any dairy products I was so sick. So my poor body had just learnt to live that way -for 35 years- Shame! It seemed that the detox had reset me to factory settings making the dairy reaction loud and clear. -YOU CANNOT EAT THIS!- 🐄

Cheese: 🧀

This is the only area where my heart aches. I loved cheese!!!! It really made me happy. I mourn cheese, regularly. There are many vegan alternatives. I tried them, they just taste like fake cheese. A phony that doesn't appease my grief. I also wonder how they got the coconut oil to taste and look like that? These em posters are an assault on my taste buds. Chemicals and processing for days. I am doomed to an eternal void. 💔

If I'm honest, making the change can be admin. While some restaurants are acknowledging vegans and making slight adaptions, most do not. Salad and water for me. Every time I go to a braai my friends and family experience ''Stacey anxiety'' because they don't know what to make. Bless them❤. I usually just take my own food with. 🥦

Friends, family and random strangers: 🙄

The hardest part of becoming vegan. For some unknown reason people are immediately triggered by this sentence. ''I'm vegan''

Cue: the raised eyebrows and shocked faces😱

Why? - Because I want to raise my vibration and feed my chakras and soul.

They say it’s so bad for you? - ‘They’ also said that the earth was flat. Perhaps you should research and not just repeat.

There is like, nothing for you to eat - And yet, here I am. 🤷🏻‍♀️

God, being vegan is just trendy now - I accept, I'm trendy AF.

I don't understand - Why do you have to?

I could never, I'll die - Thank you for that. I will stay my plans to tie you up and force feed you spinach.

OMG!! its exhausting. When someone says, ''I don't eat patty pans'', no one launches the Spanish Inquisition. I am constantly defending my decision. Its infuriating. Obviously not every one is like this but its certainly the majority. I'm much better at it now and get less irritated but REALLY!

My findings:

I am healthier, my skin shows it and I feel much, much better. All bodily systems respond positively and I am confident that I made the right decision. As for feeding my chakras, it is much easier to connect which feeds my soul. Win -Win.

Again, these are my experiences, eat what ever you want to eat just don’t be a dick when you encounter a vegan.

This was sent to me by a friend .....dick! 😂

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