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Work work work work.....

I am alarmed by the speed at which this year is progressing. Really, where has the time gone? It was a month ago that I did my first Scio session for the year with Dr Leigh Anne Brown. As I said in ''My Hors Are Moaning'' I had to make some more changes if I want to be healthy.

As a result I began to take a bunch of supplements, did a detox and upped exercise. Dum, dum dum...... Horemones are responding, readings are much, much better!!!!!! Gut, and stomach are on the mend. Detox is evident, YES MAN!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy. 😊 Honestly I feel it, I feel better and have way more energy. There is nothing more satisfying than your efforts being rewarded. Yay, yay!!!!

BUUUUUTTTTT, its not all good news. 😬

Adrenals are exhausted, 'fight or flight' nervous system is in recovery. Strength of system is down, mind is busy and emotional stress has gone up by 40 points!!!!!! Cortisol is up, basically just stress for days!!! She asked what that was about......ha haaaaaa. One answer - Life changing, gut wrenching, foundation shaking meditation that literally rocked my world!!!! As I wrote in ''Wow, I Have Issues!'' this meditation left me feeling shaken, tired and quite sorry for myself. Although I worked hard to pick myself up, I wasn't quite right by Thursday and the Scio machine sensed it. It's OK. I do (at least) know what I have to work on. I am a little bleak that my body and systems are so acutely affected but then, I always knew mind, body and soul are connected.

Right.....Where to from here?????

The theme of late is self care. Not just diet, exercise and meditation but actually taking time out to love me, care for me and keep myself in balance.

Scio emotions chart reports that I am less likely to pick other people‘s baggage- bloody marvelous! After OMG , Live harder, F@$&k this, I’m out! And I Have Just Been Handled, that development was on the cards. 👌🏼😄

Conversely: It also picked up confusion/indecision and tendency toward self sacrifice...meh. Work to do. Working on the issues I've uncovered and learning to care (really) care for self so that I can give. I read a really interesting blog by Laura Vanderkam. She speaks about procrastination in the face of intimidating tasks and the use of visualisation as a means to get over it. Picturing yourself after the task is done is said to be great a motivator...I decided to try.

I pictured myself after working through my latest issues, after maintaining my new lifestyle, after fully surrendering to my spirituality......future me, the result of all of the 'work' I keep referring to.

Was I simply gorgeous in a magnificent dress and Jimmy Choo's?

OBVIOUSLY!!!!! ha haaaaaaa. 🤣 But more importantly, future me is aglow with happiness and health. She is calm and balanced and true to spirit. She is practicing what she preaches and being who she says she is. Notably, I don't look upon this as a fantasy, I look at is as a certainty. That itself speaks to changes in me already. Bloody hell. I did feel inspired afterwards. So, to quote Rihanna, I continue to ''work, work, work, work, work!''

🤦🏽‍♀️ Yeah, it's stuck in my head too...

P.S. My summary of Laura Vanderkam's blog does it no justice. Go and read it.

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