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Who Needs Therapy?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

In my experience some people still feel a deep unease at the thought psychotherapy. When I try to understand it, I can only assume that is linked to our need to be fine. If we don’t need therapy, we’re good -right? We are still reluctant to reach out for help and even more reluctant to admit that we may need it from a professional. It’s odd. Having a psychologist was so trendy in the 80’s, people referring to their ‘therapists’ often. So, what the hell happened in the decades that followed?

Could it be that people are intimidated by what they may find? Accepting that you need help is really only step one. Step two is actually facing your issues and starting to unpack them. For many people the only thing more terrifying than acknowledging their issues is verbalizing them. Dum dum dum……ladies and gentlemen, there it is. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO TALK ABOUT THEIR FEELINGS. I can relate…I used to be the same.

We know how unhealthy repressed emotions are, we know that our energy gets blocked, and our systems begin to show it. So, we can’t leave it unchecked. Fortunately, there are many different therapies available for people who don’t like to talk.

1. Reiki and/ Energy Healing

Although they originate from different places and viewpoints, both reiki and energy healing deal with the energy field around the body. Although the practitioner my ask you a few questions you don’t have to say a word. As a first timer you will probably feel very little or doubt what you do feel but, your energy is unblocked and allowed to flow. After the session you will probably experience some random memories or realisations and you will notice that you feel better generally or in very specific ways. If you keep going the effects and benefits will become obvious to you.

2. TRE Therapy – Tension and trauma releasing exercises.

This is a really interesting one. Have you ever seen a documentary where an antelope has a narrow escape from a hungry leopard, and it lays down and tremors all over its body? Research suggests that those tremors are the body’s natural trauma release process. The body is recovering from the massive adrenalin and cortisol drop used for survival. Now humans in our unending wisdom call this process shock. We stop it, and in so doing we lock the trauma in. They are stored away in our bodies to slowly wreak havoc. TRE is a series of exercises that cause the muscles to tremor and trigger a natural neuro -physiological response in the body to help it achieve homeostasis. Yes, I have had TRE and wow, I was really shocked by the tremors firstly and the sense of calm and satisfaction that I felt afterwards. Also, not a word was spoken.

3. Tapping

I love Tapping!! I was seriously skeptical when I first tried it but I am a converted advocate! Tapping is a powerful combination of Chinese acupressure and Psychology. By tapping certain points we are able to access the stress center of the brain and rewire certain responses. As I wrote in Tap My Problems Away, I manage to rewire my emotional response to a memory using tapping. It is really quite amazing. Even though I was guided through the session, after tapping I felt as though I had worked through something on my own. It is an empowering therapy.

3. Emotion Code Therapy

I have not yet done this one, but I will definitely try and revert. With its roots in kinesiology, Emotion Code practitioners use manual muscle testing to find trapped negative emotions. They then bring them to the surface and remove them with magnets. That is a very basic definition but as I say, I haven’t been so I can’t really comment. Like all the others there is no talk therapy necessary.

All of the above are good options for people who don’t like to talk about their feelings. Also important to note, is that none of these therapies need you to believe in anything and they don’t go against any existing beliefs. It’s about you helping yourself.

Remember that it is not easy facing repressed emotions, traumas. There will be times when you cry or feel a rush of anger or remember an event that caused you to feel shame. If you really don’t want to talk about it, at least journal it or meditate on it. It’s difficult and, doing it alone will be even harder. I suspect that as you go through your chosen therapy, you will become less averse to talking. I say this because I went from locked vault to Lucy Loose Lips. Haaa haa😂 I should probably talk less. If it does happen that way for you, get in touch with Sam Sequiera (or another healer you know), a psychologist, a counselor or a friend or family member. Tell someone, share the load.

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