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WTF is a retrograde?

I'm sure you've noticed the articles, banners, blogs and memes for days about the planetary retrogrades that are currently in full back swing. Besides the fact that I am Cancerian, I know little to nothing about astrology. I still have to recite the ''my uncle...'' mnemonic to remember the planets. Ha ha, so for those who are as lost in the solar system as I's a quick guide to retrogrades.

Obviously our first port of call is figuring out what retrograde means. This term is used to describe a planet in backspin or spinning in reverse. It is an illusion of the eyes. The planets only appear to be spinning backwards because of their position in relation to Earth. A good example of this is when you are driving and watching the tires of another car. Depending on which angle you are looking from, the tires can appear to be moving backwards. Obviously - they are not.

With that understanding in mind, one has to wonder what has the esoteric world so up in arms. I always laugh when I see the warning posts. Mercury is going into retrograde!!!!! Despite the belief that we should 'go in' and be all namaste, the whole zen community goes 'bat shit' then and blames it all on poor Mercury. Ha ha, I do enjoy it, but honestly, it can be a bit confusing.

So which planets are in retrograde? WTF does that even mean?

True to form, I'll give you the short version:

  1. Pluto

Since April this year, the smallest planet or not-planet or dwarf planet (I'm not sure which way science is leaning) amplified the yearning to change. The earth has been abuzz with the energy of shake-ups and destruction. The impulsive need to break out as an entirely new person has been hushed only by the looming anxiety and fear of uncertainty that came as its counterweight. We will all be dancing in the nervous excitement of what's to come until October 6th.

2. Saturn

I'm not sure why I perceive Saturn as a female influence but I do. Her energy is usually a mechanism for success but when in retrograde she is considered maleficent and said to rattle the forces of karma and introspection. With neither of those being particularly comfortable vibrations to sit in, you may have spent time looking at your flaws, taking responsibility for your role in situations and deciding what it is that you actually want. With four months of that under your belt, you'll be pleased to know that Saturn begins forward spinning on October 10th.

3. Jupiter

Beginning in June, Jupiter being old and wise has been urging us to calm the f#ck down and look at the whole picture. When in retrograde, we are told to expect some mishaps and some bad luck. No need to panic though, even amidst our misfortunes this sage planet forces us inwards to analyse and learn from them. Taking our new lessons to heart, our incorporeal self can grow and redirect with purpose or take calculated risks towards our new goals. Until October 18th, like the grandfather of the Milky Way, Jupiter will be facilitating our life lessons.

4. Neptune

All things mystical and magical are ruled by Neptune. His energy ushers in creativity and the urge to express ourselves through our projects. Equally as enticing is the vibration of intuition and psychic abilities. These two forces making themselves known and demanding that we acknowledge them. OMG, it sounds so seductive but, it's in retrograde, so Neptune's force is also a reminder of the adage ''too much of a good thing..''. From the end of June until December 1st; be careful not to lose yourself in the dream and fall in love with the illusions. Yes the magic is alluring, but if you don't stay grounded and focused, you are lost.

5. Uranus

Beginning in August and carrying us all the way through to January 2022, the Uranus retrograde is the energy of endings. ''Be brave, lead!'' it calls to the masses as this is the time to close chapters in order to write the new ones. Yes, it's a double edged sword - we will have to let go and cut loose but the rewards will be worth it. Trust the process, flow with it. As I wrote in Let's Go Go Go - It's Time, it's out with the old and in with the new.

6. Last but certainly not least, the source of everyone's troubles, the villain behind the chaos. Mercury!!!!

Believe it or not this, is Mercury's third retrograde this year. Despite the fact that we survived the first two, social media still went mental on September 27th and will now blame everything annoying on first planet from the sun until October 18th. Ha, ha!!!! Characterised by travel delays, technology issues and conflicts, Mercury's backspin has a shitty reputation. I've read so many posts about not traveling, not signing contracts, avoiding conflicts. Bloody hell, shall we stop living? Stay calm! Just switch the narrative to this: Make room for plan B's, Have your attorneys double check, Take time to really think before you respond. Much better! The crux of it -as I see it- is live slower, but live you must!

Although I refuse to get caught in the hype I am absolutely not denying the energy that these retrogrades put out. I feel them, deeply. If you were to go back through my posts you could quite easily correlate the energies with my experiences. I definitely feel them but I have also (sometimes with difficulty) let them through. Sat in the mood, chaos, emotion and vibration. That's how you learn and grow. Dive deeper into your spiritual practice, meditate more, use some crystals. Focus on what's coming up for you. Feel it, observe it and learn from it. No need for panic or a giant sage wand or a rose quartz boulder. The universe sends lessons, not punishments. We create those for ourselves.

😂🤣 Thank you @AdamJK

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