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Twin flames? I have concerns...

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Here we are, at the end of Janu-worry. The beginning of February confirming that the year is in full swing. While in the shops last week I saw the onslaught of red and white, the teddies, the heart shaped every-bloody-thing!!! Aaaah yes, Effing Valentine’s Day! Fear not! This year, I'll not rain on Cupid's parade. This year, St Valentine and I are vibing.

I have been thinking so much about love lately. Not just about being in love but about living, speaking, acting in love. Love is the core of our emotional being; it is the glue of the cosmos and the catalyst for all things good. I'm learning that, slowly but surely. Still, this weekend I noticed that world is really punting their twin flame readings, twin flame drawings, twin flame quizzes. Twin flames for days, just in time for love month! Fascinated by this notion, I decided to research. What TF is a twin flame? Do we actually want that? Where the hell are they?

So heeeerreee weee gooooo...

What TF is a twin flame?

Summarising all the information, here is the scoop on twin flames: These are partners who are said to mirror your soul. A person who will understand, agitate, love and challenge who you are, so deeply, that you will have no choice but to grow and evolve. It is written that you feel an inexplicable pull towards them, and you will always -as if by magic- cross paths. Should you eventually be together you will be equally enthralled and frustrated. Twin flames complete you! You feel spiritually connected, you think differently around them, you feel as though you have found 'home'. You cannot not be without them. It feels fated and divine.

Do we actually want that?

I have concerns:

  1. The idea of someone mirroring me sets off an alarm. Are we the same? Or do you just have NO IDEA who you actually are?

  2. I hate the idea of not being able to be without someone. No, nope, no thanks, not for me. I like being alone.

  3. I refuse to give wind to the idea that someone else completes me. I think someone else's personality could perhaps compliment mine. But I complete me.

  4. Feels like home.?? Hmmm, sounds like comfort. I spend a huge amount of time avoiding it.

Unfortunately, I can't help but equate this to a man-sized rash that you can’t get rid of. Ha Haaaa 😂

All is not lost though. Even as I wrote this I felt 'it'. I have to admit that there is something sexy about it.... I’m not dead inside, I feel it. I'm afraid it doesn't hold as much clout as it once did though, older me wants different things.

I love being alone, I am my own twin flame and Valentine (At least for the foreseeable future) but what really caught my attention was the idea of having someone challenge me to be better. Someone who I can have deep, challenging, difficult, riveting conversations with. Meeting someone who could make me change the way I see things or accept a different truth. Oh Laaawwwd....that could spark a flame for me. That could spark an inferno. 🔥🔥

Where the hell are they?

Always around, all the time. Like magnets constantly attracting and sometimes repelling. After reading Michael Newton's Journey of Souls, I believe that souls come around all the time, over many lifetimes. Maybe we will find them in this lifetime maybe we won’t. Yip, my pet peeve, surrender....

What is the outcome?

Obviously, my perception is tainted by my experiences in my current reality and no two people will experience this elusive encounter in the same way. Still, I can see why people find the idea so alluring. You may be drawn to the sexiness of it, get yours! Me, I'm after 'mindgasms'. All things considered; I have to concede that having a twin flame could actually be nice. 😉

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