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There’s something seriously f@&$ing wrong with me...🙄

I can’t help but giggle. I’m sure some people have read some of these posts and would now argue that there are many things wrong with me!!! Haaaaa haaaa😂😂

It would seem that my new way of life has gotten me into trouble.... here’s an update:

Spiritually I am good. I’m not as connected as I could be but I am really busy and distracted at the minute. But I feel good. Open to love, closed to drama and the people who carry it. Happy and content- for now.

Health: Working at it AAAAALLLLL the time. Detox Is going sooo well, systems feel amazing! Yes, I am pining for coffee but I’ll live. I can feel the effect of the B12 and all the other stuff I take contributing to me feeling quite fantastic. Fitness is up, dedication is sky high and I’m in a good space.

Success: Spirituality and Health are a top my success list anyway but I have many other things brewing. I am working hard and ridiculously busy....but it will be worth it.

Sounds fab! So why am I in trouble? Because my new way of life and my feeling so bloody marvelous actually had me believing that I could take over the world! As a result: I decided that I should register for some post grad qualifications. WTF was I thinking? I literally have NO time for anything.....🤦🏻‍♀️

I have been struggling to decide what to:

”Omg I am always working! I should defer and spend time with my babies. I’m a terrible mother.”


”Oh please! This is literally how I run my entire life! Why am I crying now? This is no different. Just do it!“

I’m not a quitter.... deferring didn’t sit well with me. In hindsight, I should probably have registered next year- but that ship has sailed And now I’m stuck with 3 hectic assignments due. F$@k! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Elkhart Tolle would appalled! 😬

So I spent the whole weekend in my office. I got it done! Thank fudge! It was giving me anxiety.

As I write this I am exhausted but relieved and I have to take cognisance of three things:

  1. It was all the work of my saboteur. If I don’t start I can’t fail.

  2. The boys had the best weekend with their dad! No one died, all was well. I’m too hard on myself.

  3. I’m not a terrible mother. 💚

So while we may agree that there is something very effing wrong with me, I can honestly say that I’ve got this. Let’s see what problem crops up next...

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