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The Sneaky snap-back

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

It has been 38 days since I decided to chase health!!!

As written is earlier posts there have been many a change made to my daily routines and habits. So, how is it going? Have I managed? Have I come off the rails and indulged in sugary delights? No, but there have been times when I sometimes, very subtly snap back into unconscious - robot mode.🤖

I have returned to 'onsite' work and with that comes the regular interruptions, an onslaught of emails, meeting after meeting and texts or phone calls. While all of that was going on, I took a sip of my almond milk cappuccino (from Motherland - heaven in a cup) as I put the cup down I realised that I had, had three of them!!!! I bought one in the morning two were bought for me by colleagues. I LOVE GOOD COFFEE, I really do but I cannot be drinking three a day! It‘s waaaaaaaay too much almond milk and I was quite dehydrated by the afternoon because I’m unconsciously guzzling caffeine ☕️ Like a machine.

When it comes to lunch, I have been really good at packing healthy meals that nourish the body. But on Wednesday, the morning was chaos and I arrived at work without lunch. In amongst the usual hustle and bustle I ordered lunch from the little cafe in the office park. They sell all the usual's but the only vegan option was a plate of fries. Two things happened:

1. My heart was sooooo happy. 💚 It was delicious.

2. I was annoyed that I had done it again. Robot ordered. There are a bunch of places I could have ordered from but habit and rush decided on the 'same old.'

I'm not going to die from eating a plate of fries nor will I entertain guilt or shame over it but I have to heed the constant reminder that I have to be conscious of what I put in. The snap back is so quick and stealthy. 🤦🏻‍♀️

In other health news, I have begun to ingest all natural leaves, roots and spices in an attempt to boost my temple to its best. I now take moringa, maca, cayenne pepper cinnamon, turmeric, chia seeds and flax seeds. Seems so simple right?

NO! Have you ever tried to swallow cinnamon? Or cayenne pepper?😳 The first time I did it, I decided to do both together. It was a good plan...put both in my mouth, chase with water. So as I go to sip the water the cayenne pepper hits the back of my throat. This igniting a fire in my mouth and caused me to sneeze. The result was a cloud of cinnamon and cayenne pepper in the air.💥 I couldn't stop sneezing so I drank some water. Fabulous! Cinnamon turns to mud, it is literally like sand in my mouth while my nasal passages and throat are a raging inferno. I happened to see my Staffie in the corner. She had her head tilted as she watched me. I'm no dog whisperer but knew that look was dog for ''WTF?''

Why did I tell you all of that? As cautionary tale. Don't do it!!! Throw the cinnamon into a smoothie and buy the cayenne pepper capsules. Far more dignified. Hal Elrod (Miracle morning author) has a really good smoothie recipe on his site. - check it out. You have to subscribe to get it, so I'm not comfortable just sharing it.

Go and research the benefits of all the things I smash in face everyday, you will be amazed!!!

I am still determined, still training with Super Fit Boy Child, boobs are still out of control! I will continue to document any changes that may or may not occur. 😁

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