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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

So I’ve said all the right things, now how is it that I will go about changing? What is it that I want to change?

The short answer - My Health. I’m sure this sounds familiar. Millions and millions of people have made a similar resolution each year. The fact is I have never made this one. 😳

I have made the resolution to be thin. To be the version of me that society approves of. I have imagined this person over and over again, but this picture in my mind - though exquisite😉- feeds only ego.

I walked this road, I have weighed less, I have weight watched, I joined slimmers world and embarked on the slender wonder journey .....

While all of these diets have their merits and many have had outstanding results, I just don’t fit this mould. I am found wanting.

I seek the lifestyle change not the fad and quick solution that fades as fast as it came. It has to be sustainable. Anyone who has experienced a spiritual awakening will tell you that the crave food that nourishes the soul. I do too. Alas, this need is atop years and years of self loathing, self doubt, traumas, scars and disappointments.

So, what is so different about this time? Why write a blog?

Because this time I don’t give a single “Stacey f@$&“ about being thin. I am chasing health, energy, happiness and higher vibrations. Should I become thinner along the way- BONUS! I suppose the real change comes when you are spiritually connected to the outcome.

Cue: Deepak Chopra. (Don’t roll your eyes. I’m not going to lecture you.) I have read his book- What are you hungry for? I can relate on many levels and feel as though this will be the way forward. Will I stumble? Will I have to unpack old wounds, negative self talk and messy emotions? Possibly, but it will be an interesting journey and I hope to make as relatable to the average Jane/Joe as possible.

Aligned chakras, ascension, clarity of

mind, body and soul is not reserved

for yogis and spiritual healers.


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