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The Easter Bunny, a Broken Heart and a New Appreciation...

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Tonight I found an important lesson (and Blog post) in a surprising and wonderful place.

At dinner with my mom and my gorgeous boys. We were discussing Easter when my ten year old announces “I don’t believe in the Easter bunny” 😱Whaaaaaaaaaat?

The conversation developed as follows:

Me: Why not?

Gorg boy: Everytime it’s Easter when we have to stay inside, the only people outside are grown ups...”

Gran: So?

Gorg boy: And then suddenly there are eggs! (Haaaa haaa) 😂

Dad: He is real, you just don’t know what he looks like...

Gorg boy: I know exactly what he looks like...

Me: Oh?

Gorg boy: Like one of the grown ups 🙄

hhhaaaaaaa haaaaaa😂😂 how cute!

I had a bunch of ‘mom-motions’ going on. I was sooooooooo proud of my boy. So logical and well thought out. He articulates himself so well. 💚

He is so smart and handsome. And big! As a result...I am devastated!!! 😩😩😩 It feels like yesterday that this giant baby joined and forever altered my life. Now here he is, all grown. It’s an emotional oxymoron -Beatiful and painful.

The point of this post is 40% mom bragging and 60% acknowledging how short life is. I know it’s been said again and again but this evening I really appreciated it. If these little dudes are growing up this fast I need to be sure that I spend enough time with them, speak to them, cuddle them, love them!

With time being this fleeting, I want to ensure that I am living the life I want. I don’t want to engage negative people. I don’t want to be involved in drama. Not to keep make others happy, not to smooth things over. I don’t have to be the bigger person. I have to lay boundaries that protect my peace. No exceptions, no apologies!

Looking back, everything I have detailed on Road to Spirit up to now; the life changes, the spiritual pursuits, speaking truths, setting boundaries, feeling and LIVING! All vehicles towards making the time I have valuable.

I will not tolerate people or circumstances that don’t add to my life. Time is short, I want it to be SPECTACULAR!!! 🎉

Consider some changes, make your time spectacular too! 👌🏼

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