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That’s Not True....

While talking to my cousin and discussing the prospect of social media she posed some interesting questions.

1. ''How did you get here Stace? What led you down this path?''

Immediately I referred to the blurb on my About page. It all started with a great depression....blah blah. As I read the page in my mind I got an niggle, of something. Hmmm, I thought, that’s not true. I’ll have to go and find it.

I spent a great deal of time on this. As per usual I focused on the life events that brought me here. Depression, miscarriage, childhood, etc etc. I was on a carousel and the revolutions offered no answers. Although these were massive events, they were not what this is all about. I was dissatisfied, and confused.

Wonderful!!!! At that point I had no idea why I'm doing any of this, or how I REALLY got here. I had to sleep on it. Patience is not really my thing, so I was annoyed.

During my next Miracle Morning I found it. There are few things more satisfying than coming out of mediation and saying ''Oooooooooh.''

The short answer is discomfort. The way I saw it was so profound. I would usually doubt it and try to explain it away but this came with such clarity and brought such peace that I could not dispute it...

I saw myself, just me. Everything seemed normal, and then the life events that I refer to started to occur one by one, like markers on a timeline. Each affecting me. As they conclude, my soul/spirit seemed to come out of my body. To stretch or readjust. Each event changed my form or shell and as a result when soul went back in, it didn't 'fit right.' Every event catalising an alteration that left more and more spirit exposed. Throughout this ''mind movie'' my attention is constantly drawn to 'tiny-ness' of each event.

I know this may sound bit 'bat shit' to some, so I'll make it less ''crazy.'' I now had to look upon life events and part of a greater plan. Although they felt monumental at the time they were small drops in the ocean that is my cosmic purpose. Was my whole life trying to tell me to let spirit out? Yes, but through pain and love and all the other experiences I learnt compassion and became relatable. I am left in awe of the the bigger picture.

So that is how I got here. My spirit -over many years- has been forced out by discomfort and called to express itself! Amazing! Right now, in this moment I look back on some of the hardest events in my life with a fondness. Now I know this is going to sound corny, Buuuut - How beautiful????????

2. ''Why are you different?''

This one is easy. I'm not. I'm just like all the other souls trying to figure shit out. What a ride its been.

I do love confirmations and this morning, I saw this video:

Yesssssss Maaaaaan!!! Be who you really are. Love Jim Carrey. 😊

To close I thought I'd take a peek in Daily Oracle..... Of course after a post about how I got here, I get this: 😂😂😂😂👌❤ It's not about me though. It's about the bigger picture....

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