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Spiritual Jargon -102

(Yes, I'm late. Apologies, it has been a hectic phase in my life. Did you miss me?)

Term number 2: Grounding

For most, the thought of a 'grounded person' will conjure words like calm, organised, level headed. This, conventional definition, always makes me smile because I used to present as all of the above. 'Head on her shoulders', 'grounded' Stacey. Below the 'together surface', I was stuck in the mind and generally running on cortisol.

I am not professing to know better than greater society but earthing -for me- is a far more personal, far more spiritual than merely being 'together.' It is not simply an outcome, it is a process - a state of being. I was introduced to grounding , after my (first ever) reiki session. Amidst accepting and releasing a great deal I was so overwhelmed. The practitioner told me to go walk on the grass. ''It will make you feel better'', she said. I looked at her, confused, but, I did as I was told. Though, I didn't know why, I did feel better.

Now at this stage of my life, I have no doubt that everything is energy and we dance energetically with everyone and everything in the multiverse. I remember walking with my boys when they asked why I touch all the trees and plants. ''Because everything has energy'', I said. ''We can share it.'' As I walked on I noticed a silence, (when your a mom to two boys- silence induces fear) I turned I saw them standing, eyes closed with their hands on a tree - waiting to feel the energy. 😍 How beautiful!!!

Not everyone will share my beliefs or be as trusting as children, but both Spirituality and Science confirm that all things are made up of energy. No matter which side of the fence you are on, there is evidence supporting the idea that our every interaction is an energetic exchange. Very basically, humans are positively charged and the earth negatively charged. When we are in contact with the ground we release excess energy and balance out. Like yin and yang between us and the earth.☯

Why should you do it? When I ground, I feel fully connected to the earth. With that connection comes a clarity of mind and profound perspective. As I mentioned in Who am I When I'm Alone I am acutely aware of my tininess in the cosmos. Although life and mind can convince me that difficulties, stressors and dramas are insurmountable, in this space I can see that they will have no impact on the greater picture. When you are grounded you have the ability to step out and see the through the chaos. If you research the benefits of grounding you will be BLOWN AWAY!! 😲

A word of caution: You cannot take a stroll around the lawn and then expect your problems to be solved. Its about intention. Setting the intention to connect to earth and going through a grounding process. Some like to visualize roots growing from their bodies others picture an anchor ploughing down towards the earth's core and some exercise to ground. There are so many ways - you need to find the one that works. Like I said, it's personal. There is no official procedure, what works for others, wont necessarily work for you. Get into nature (if possible) and try.

I feel the energy in my feet quite quickly. Once Muladhara is charged I often get goosebumps and my breath quickens. Sometimes, it makes me cry. When I'm concentrating I can move it around my body, through the other chakra's. It is a calming force and (as healers repeatedly tell me) I often need it. 🙄 Using I AM mantras are a good way to affirm your stability.

I am rooted deep into the earth

I am as stable as a mountain

I am safe and secure

I belong

Lam - cleansing mantra of the root Chakra.

You will know when you are grounded. Once you are in this space you will still have the same problems to face but you will also have the ability to view them differently sans panic and confusion. The truth is I have no patience and get stuck in the mind easily. It irritates me, but its true. If I don't ground I go round in circles and my energy gets blocked. So while words like 'calm' and 'together' are accurate, being grounded depicts the difference between presenting as these adjectives or living them as verbs.


Note: If you can't get into nature, its ok. Don't give up, sit holding a crystal or visualize the roots growing down through the foundations of the building you're in and into the earth. Its about intention.

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