Spiritual Jargon - 101

I know that many people roll their eyes when they hear things like ‘align your chakras’ or ‘ask your higher self.' 🙄 I used to do it too. People find these statements to be in-congruent with their beliefs and conditioning and as a result, they write them off as ‘arty farty’ or hippie antics and that’s OK. I was not sent here to dissuade others from their beliefs. I was sent here to light the way. In keeping with that vibe, I'll try to 'de-mystify' the spiritual jargon so that those at the beginning don’t feel overwhelmed or lost. Most of the time, the clarity comes from confusion anyway.

Term Number 1. Going in:

This one makes people run because we don’t like to feel our feelings. Due to ill-informed conditioning and the need for acceptance, people are constantly painting a picture. The picture of societal happiness. It reminds me of the Lego song: “Everything is awesome…’’

Here’s how it used to happen for me….

When I felt angry: ‘’Stop it Stacey, you are stronger than this.’’ Or when I was so sad that I wanted to wail out loud ‘’People will think you’re crazy, stop it! You’re fine. Appear calm… appear in control.’’

OMG! So unhealthy. All of that just to avoid feeling my feelings or -God forbid- showing them to others. 😱 So, here’s the truth: ‘Going in does not mean that you crack open a trunk of buried emotions all at once and have a mental breakdown. It means sitting with yourself in silence and feeling what is going on in that moment.

RELAX: This is not an extravagant meditation ceremony! There is no need to whip out the smudge sticks and rose quartz and compile a om mani padme hum playlist. (Although if that’s your vibe…. Yeeessss maaannnn!!!) This is just you taking a few minutes to be with yourself.

Here’s an example - ‘’How do I feel? I feel really betrayed because Geoffrey went to lunch without me. Why do I feel this way?... Because I would never do that to him. I am loyal. Ok. But he is not me. What am I going to do now? - I need to talk to him about it.

So much better. The feeling is acknowledged, felt, dismantled, analysed and on its way to release. Just your spirit and ego figuring shit out. It takes a while to get used to it but once you do, you will wonder why you ever looked outwards for solace. Eventually you will be able to ‘’go deeper’’ or ‘’see more.’’

E.g.: “Did he do this to hurt me or am I choosing to take hurt from it? Is this mine? Yes, I should investigate my feelings of betrayal more at a later stage.”

I suspect that it is different for everyone, but when I am really focused, I feel pressure in my chest, and I heat up – rapidly. I also get many realisations in pictures and sometimes in actual written words. For the most part, it is just me speaking to me. However it happens for you, don’t run from the discomfort – persevere. It is not a heart attack, you will not spontaneously combust, you are not hallucinating. If you recount how you thought throughout any day, you’d recall the same, pictures, words, self-talk. But, for some reason when we do it alone and in silence, we think we’re losing it 🤷🏻‍♀️

Disclaimer: This is not a miracle cure for discomfort. Some things will require multiple visits and sometimes you will still have anger or sadness etc. afterwards. There will also be times when you realise that you were wrong. (not my fav.)😬 Or, that you have a bigger issue underneath this one. You may discover that you’re a brat or selfish sometimes. Whatever it is, embrace it.

Once you have found or acknowledged something you can start to work on it. You can take it to a healer, meditate on it, talk about it with your therapist…WHATEVER. The only prerequisite is honesty. Be 100% honest with yourself. Lying in this space is like picking yourself up and then tripping yourself. Pointless.

I wrote this poem when in this space – powerful.

“No one ever cleaned a mess that they could not see.’’

Editor: Jenny Tart Heslop-Spencer

Valued Opinion: Jason Wolverson

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