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Sometimes It's Not Your Shit....

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

December means closing time for many and the joyous upshot of that is TIME. Time to shop, time spend with those we love, time to do things we just haven't gotten around to and -of course- time to spend with ourselves.

Flash back to Who Needs Therapy where I wrote about Emotion and Body Code Therapy;

''I have not yet done this one, but I will definitely try and revert. With its roots in kinesiology, Emotion Code practitioners use manual muscle testing to find trapped negative emotions. They then bring them to the surface and remove them with magnets. That is a very basic definition but as I say, I haven’t been so I can’t really comment. Like all the others there is no talk therapy necessary.''

With my well earned minutes I finally made it to an appointment with Bronwyn Gottwald -

Emotion Code Practitioner. I have been trying to see her since September but our diaries refused to sync. I am having so much fun trying all of these alternative therapies so I was quite excited.

Bronwyn is quite lovely and as she sets into what I assume is her routine introduction and explanation I am comfortable in her energy. As we chat I sense very clearly that she is pleased that I am not unfamiliar with the 'esoteric/spiritual' and she is comfortable in mine. Appeased by the vibes I'm getting, I explain that I tirelessly work on self because I love myself and I want to vibe high but mainly because I was sent here to break cycles. I don't want to pass my 'crap' onto my children. It is always on my mind....always.

We begin - the first thing she checks is the width of my heart wall. This is the energetic barrier that is built to shield the heart from negative emotions and traumas. If left to run a muck the physical and emotional damage to the heart could be dire. Her pendulum guiding her she tells me that my heart wall has come in at 11.2km. Hmmmmm, okay? She goes on to explain that most people average a km per year. Yeeeeeeesssss maaaannnn!!! 🙌 I'm doing well. I'm sure the old me could have measured in acres!

We begin to scan through and check for the trapped emotions. It really is quite fascinating to watch. Bronwyn, tells me what she finds. If she were a telepath she would surely have cried with laughter because my sarcastic inner monologue was on top form.

Here's an example:

You have trapped shame.

Isn't that the truth...

It isn't yours, its inherited


From your mother


She inherited it from her father

Omg, that makes so much sense...

He got it from his mother


You have passed it onto your kids


Ha ha🤣 She picks up on the all the usual suspects - shame, disappointment, abandonment, fear etc. If it is mine, she tells me at which age it was trapped and where in the body it causing chaos. She then runs a magnet up or down my spine to clear the emotion from my body. Wonderful....yes it is and although most wont feel much at the time I do feel the effects of these evictions days after the treatment. Did I have to talk or explain or expand upon. No. Not at all. As far as healing and valuable experiences go, I would highly recommend it.

Looking back, what I found to be most profound about this session was the notion of inherited negativity. Every time she said that I had inherited something I hung on her every word, correlating and analysing. Trying to fully understand the negativity and its source. It was fascinating! Days later I have an overwhelming sense of relief and contentment. Why?

  1. Generational Healing. During the session we cleared the negativity from me, my mom, my grandfather (who is no longer with us) and most importantly from my kids. Four generations will benefit from this session. How amazing?

  2. Understanding. Have you ever repeated certain patterns or found yourself stuck in a negative behaviour and although you could see it, you couldn't understand or stop it? Its is wonderful to finally see where some of those things come from. During 'post session' pondering, I began to piece these things together. How Profound?

  3. Relief. It was wonderful to release negativity that simply was not mine. I didn't have to search for it, analyse it or dig around in the recesses of my soul. On the back of a year of introspection and honesty, for once, I didn't have to sit in a place of sadness and despair as I worked my way through it, I simply got to release. How liberating?

There are so many alternative therapies out there and l am certain that you will feel the benefits of all of them. BUT you have to be willing. People (no matter how incredible) cannot perform therapy upon you, they can only do it with you. Show up for yourself - Clean out, heal.

Contact Bronwyn Gottwald on ☎ +27 82 947 0889

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