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Social - bloody- Media

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

I'm not too sure when it happened but I can't anymore!

A while back I deleted my Facebook. I remember that I only activated it to keep in touch with friends and family abroad but it quickly changes and you're soon scrolling and scroooolllling through other peoples lives. Now I am not proposing that you delete all your profiles. As always I am merely sharing my experiences and opinions. So for me, social -bloody- Media triggers some unhealthy habits and irritations. Perhaps you've experienced the same?


I'm sure many have done it. Looked at what others have and wondered why you don't have it yet. Or thought -''God, she looks fabulous!'' Which is fine, until you start subconsciously hating on yourself. And then there's the ''happy family -perfect life -blah blah blah'' It may be true (again, wonderful) but why is there an insatiable need to publish it? That is what has me concerned.


Have you ever seen the posts that allude to someone else. Like ''I wish people would mind their own business.'' these are like click bait. People wonder what’s going on, who it's about etc. Then there are the relationship rows. OMG, I have witnessed a couple have a meme battle on FB. Each one posting after the other. I've seen some who have aired their dirty laundry and confessed to an affair. Has the world gone mad? Do these couples feel satisfied afterwards? Do they get home from work and kiss each other hello after sorting their drama online? I doubt it. They still fight. The only difference is the online spectators now waiting with bated breath for an update.

Too much love

Now I could (admittedly) be more affectionate. That said, you will never catch me posting long and involved posts that pour love and general mush all over my spouse. When I read some of these posts I catch myself asking ''who are you trying to convince?'' I have rolled with laughter at some of the things people put on the internet (which is forever). It is possible that I'm old fashioned and emotionally stunted but if I were on the receiving end of those posts I would die! It is wonderful to be appreciated and valued but sometimes it's just too much!!! When did self worth and love become exclusively extrinsic? Is it no longer possible to express love without an audience and emojis? ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍💕😘🥰


Have you thought ''let me just read this quickly.'' Then 50 memes, 32 shares and 15 peculiar videos later you realise that you have lost 2 hours of your life. Haa haaaaa,😂😂🤣 I've done this so many times. I am not lucky enough to have nothing to do and my job demands presence so for me, it's counter productive. Its not all rubbish, some of the things on social media are fascinating, some people are interesting AF. BUT, this year I have to be interested in myself and all that I want to manifest.


1. Leonardo DiCaprio holding a Champagne glass (though delicious) is ridiculously overused!

2. It seems to me that some people use social media to paint pictures. Its quite sad that so many are seeking approval through likes and shares.

3.I'm not judging... I did it too. The 'look at me posts.' It all smacks of competition and ego and I'm done with it.

4. There are those who are 100% self confident and want to promote themselves and their work. I cannot relate, I hate being in the limelight and feeling exposed. POWER to the them!


I decided delete ALL of it! I do miss inspirational memes - I admit - but I can find them on Google if I really have to. For the most part, I haven't looked back.

As I learn to trust myself, I vigorously screen other peoples energy in all areas of my life. In response, I try to be a positive feature in their lives. I suppose I'm looking for Symbiosis. I am very carefully monitoring what I let in. If it doesn't raise my vibration - I don't need it.

I'm not of the extreme view that Social Media is the root of all evil and, I'll probably be back one day. For now, its not conducive to my success.

The Spin Off:

Last year people actually called me to wish me happy birthday. I received a great deal more direct messages. Now, people tell me what they saw on FB, in an actual conversation. It's far more personal.

Yes, I am aware that this blog is a form of social media. Although I love that other people enjoy it, the fact is...I write this for me. It makes MY heart smile. Should yours smile too, FAB! 😁

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