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So, I needed “a thing”...

I needed a thing, a hobby, a sport, a club... something. I used play football and it lit me up! It made me so happy. If I could, I would join the moms team in heartbeat. Unforunately my new ACL’s will not permit it. ⚽️💔

I’ve tried mountain biking...I can see why people get so into it but after 2 babies, 3 stitches in my cervix and 2 miscarriages I feel like my vagina has been through enough. Confused? Hop on a bike, give it a try... 😬

So what was I to do?🤷🏻‍♀️ Eventually after much searching I found a boxing gym 🥊 Yay!!!! I have been going for about a month. Tonight, inbetween jabs and hooks I was thinking about how much I have changed.

1. Self love: The old me would not have gone to find out about the classes, let alone rock up all alone- quite keen to meet new people.....not a bloody chance! 😱

Upon meeting the young and exceedingly beautiful coach I would have run for the hills! Last week we did a million squats, sit ups for days and shoulder exercises that made me want to cry. Despite all of that she looked Iike she just stepped out of the ocean...in slow motion. In comparison, I looked like the sweaty troll who stepped out from under the bridge!!! 😂😂 Haaaaaa haaaaa! Still I had love for myself. Old me would hated on the sight and eventually quit!

2. Confidence: Even though I am.....(hmmmmm, how to say it? Oh yes...) Completely shit at some of the stuff I LOVE IT!!! Omg! Instead of dredging up old injuries, making excuses and complaining, I just go for it!!! Perhaps it’s age? But I don’t care what anyone else thinks. It’s soooo liberating!

Ok... I still complain😬 ha ha!

3. Approachability: This one will surprise some people. My whole life the adjective used to describe me was bubbly! Or friendly. Truth is, I had to warm up to people before they saw that. In amongst new faces I was dead silent and came off as quite miserable and unaproachable. I used to say that I was listening or gauging people. That is true now, but not then...🙄🙄🙄 Old me was a fraud. I was frozen in fear and low self esteem. Shame. 💙 New me is quite happy to talk to most people. Show my belly - so to speak.-😜

I’m proud of me! And....I have never been more satisfied! Hitting that bag induces catharsis and a sense of closure and calm. It’s like peace from violence. How poetic and corny, and fabulous.👌🏼

This journey is madness and difficult but when you look back on the positives, the struggle seems blurred and out of focus. As I write this I am harbouring an excitement! Even though I know I have to endure more discomfort to see the positives... I’m dead keen to get started.

Goooo on, find yourself “a thing”. 🚴🏻🏄🏻‍♀️🏓

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