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Reassuring the beginners...

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Most people, when embarking on a new chapter, adventure, journey ( whatever description you use) will hit the books! We do this to gather information. We attempt to anticipate what is coming and to make sure we are going in the right direction, we seek confirmation.

I have read some incredible stuff. There are biographies and stories that will appeal to your inner seeker. You will recognize in them the traits that you want to exhibit and feel motivated. The messages are beautiful, they really are but they are also written by some seriously experienced or enlightened people. Now I’m not proposing that we are not smart enough to understand - of course we are- but I am saying that they are often written in hindsight by people who are much further along than most.

I realized this when I read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist for a second time. Much has happened and I have changed a great deal since I first read this beauty. I took so much more away from it the second time around. The value on the pages was far more appreciated and better comprehended because I had changed. So this begs the questions, who are these written for? At what stage of the process do you need to be, to really benefit?

Where is the story for the men and woman at the very beginning? Those feeling afraid, and intimidated and lost and crazy? WHERE IS THAT BOOK? I have constantly said, “it’s hard“ but there is very little literature to support it.

All the big names Paulo Coelho, Joe Dispenza, Miguel Ruiz and Eckhart Tolle, to name a few Wow!!! What incredible things they have written... I am in awe. But still, no one deals with the fact that we have to first learn to stand up to friends, family, years and years of conditioning and - the worst- our minds!

So this is where I step up and share with you how some of this feels or -at least- felt for me. It is ridiculously funny now but at the time I really, really thought that I was losing it. It’s horrible to feel crazy!!! If I hadn’t met the amazing people that I have I would surely have thrown in the towel.

The Chakras

Energy centers of our being, they are a huge player in our lives and spirit and as I began to open up they began to spin. Don’t be fooled it‘s not like a romantic scene in the movies leaving you feeling loved and fuzzy..... it’s a dog show!!!😂 This is the recount of how I experienced their awakening... the battle between chakra and mind.


Come, let me take you up, you can see. Trust me. It is beautiful

Mind: As I start to go, uuum no! DO NOT step into the light....we know what that means! Omg, I’m having an anxiety attack.

Third Eye:

This is how it all works, isn’t it amazing? Aren’t you happy you can see it? Don’t be afraid, you already knew this anyway. Mind: Ooooo so preeety. Wait, WTF? Stacey! Did we take mushrooms?


I love you but I'm just going to LAY YOUR SHIT BARE!!!! Because it’s the truth and you I think you need to hear it. Mind: FML, we are so embarrassing. I can’t believe we just said that.


I just, love you, and you and you. Life is so beautiful. I love everything. I'm sooo grateful!!! All we need is love. Mind: Oh, now we’re a hippy. Why do we want to touch everyone?

Solar plexus:

Let me guide you. You know that I know. Just surrender. Go left.... left. Omfg! Mind: Yes, right.


Standing next to random man in Coffee shop: All systems go!!!! Hello!!! Yessss man!!!! He’s so dishy, OMG, I am sooo dishy!!! Whoo hoo!

Mind: No no no! It‘s so hot in here....seriously how long can one coffee take?


Stop it now! OMG, take your shoes off, stand on the grass. Let me help you!

Mind: What is happening, I’m sooo tired.

Yes, it’s funny. At the time I was sooo lost!!!! So if you’re reading and relating: You’re not crazy, you’re changing💚

Love this meme👇🏼

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