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OMG! Live Harder!!!!!

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Age has been on my mind a lot lately. It has become a deciding factor in many areas of short sighted we are. World media publishes article after article, videos, challenges, plans- all to help us stay young, promote longevity. But in 2021 we are still retiring too young, being grown ups too soon and missing out because we think we are too old.

I went to the optician last week. And after my test the very polite, professional and YOUNG lady says to me ''your eyes aren't bad, this is just from age..'' 😱😱 At 36 I have never had that sentence said to me. Besides the bruised bloody ego, I was really taken a back. I know I'm not old but it really got me thinking.... and remembering.

When I recall my late teens and twenties, I remember living within very clear and firm boundaries. Always maintain control. Yes, let your loud self out - only around certain (meaning safe) people. So although many thought I was carefree I really wasn't. I should have lived harder, kissed more boys, made more friends, judged less. I did not drink margaritas and tequilas like a Mexican, I did not laugh at the top of my voice, dance like no one was watching....(ok, no- I did do that, music has always let spirit out) but the point is that I never just lived, I limited all of my experiences to maintain control. I ''poo poohed'' people whom I thought reckless and childish. I was quite bloody superior.....bless me. 💚

In 2010 I went to a concert with my brother. He's a bloody clown, the direct opposite of me at that stage. I was having a good time, but I looked over at him and saw how he lived the experience, felt it, let it through. I was jealous. It was on that night that I finally admitted it. I don't let myself feel.

Since my hurricane of an awakening blew through I have been regressing in years. Haa haaa, I feel like I'm about 25! 💃🏻Yeeessss Man!!!! Granted this feeling of youth comes as a result of some lifestyle changes, a general shift in consciousness and (possibly a little too much) self love, but still, I am revelling it.

I guess I could say, I’ve already been old. For many years. Those days are over.....

Now at 36 I will waste no more time - I AM LIVING!!! Soaking up experiences, If they are good I will bask in them, if they are bad I have to try learn from them and if I find myself indifferent then they are not for me. I am -of late- down for all of hell with control!!!! Ha haaaa, I recently realised that my friends/cousins and I are now the ''old people'' at the bar. We used to roll our eyes when we were younger....🙄We had no idea that old people care far less about what other people think. No judgement, no games, no drama just a F.O. good time!

Calmar calmar, I'm not advocating alcoholism and debauchery, Obviously everything within reason. 🤷🏻‍♀️

We all know someone with the little poster or board that reads ''live, laugh, love'' that's very specific but like the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, I think the message is EXPERIENCE......experience everything!!! Open up and let it in. It is sooo beautiful.

Also, apparently eyesight is limited so do it before you're blind!!!! 😨

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