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My ‘Hors’ are Moaning... 😩

Some may think me lost, to visions and general ‘juju.’ I assure you I am still rooted here on the physical plane and I have not lost sight of my health goals!

The past weeks have been a nightmare for excercise! Injuries and now a week of flu! Poor Super Fit Boy Child thinks I’m avoiding him. 💔 I will commence training as soon as I am cleared to do so...

Otherwise, I’m doing everything I can! I am working so hard to be healthy. The problem is that we never really know what is happening on the inside. ”Is any of this even working?” So I booked a Scio session with a lovely doctor. Leigh Anne Brown.

What is Scio? Ok I’m no professional but my humble definition is as follows: Scio is a form of energetic medicine. Using frequencies the Scio machine can detect anomalies or destructive wave patterns within the body and energy field of a person. The machine can then feed back frequencies to address the destructive wave patterns. That is a very vague explanation. To fully understand, go and research it or, make an appointment.

After a 2 hour session I have a recording of all the findings. The results are less than inspiring😕 I am not miraculously cured of all my ailments. After years and years of abusing my poor body the chickens have come home to roost. The biggest delinquent: my endocrine system. Pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus are NOT HAPPY! Stress, bad habits and poor lifestyle choices of the past have pulled me through the wringer. My ‘hors’ are moaning and I have to listen. Cortisol, estrogen and insulin protesting my unhealthy ways of old. I can just picture the banners “too little too late!”

Immune system is shot and struggling and (because I’m a clown) I have noooo vitamin B12. Zip, nudda, nothing. Lord above Stacey!🙄Every vegan knows that they have to supplement B12. But I get busy and forget. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Clown!

What does this all mean? Will I be dead in a week? Thankfully not but I have to stay the course. New supplements and superfoods, a detox to follow and a fabulous smoothie recipe are what the doctor ordered! We check in again in a month to see if my body will respond to my desperate plea for forgiveness...

Spiritually, it’s not all doom and gloom. Root chakra is out. I’m not surprised- I struggle to ground. And Solar plexus....the empaths curse. Keeping my problems and the problems of others stored away in my digestive system... Meh, my poor stomach. I’ll try to clear it myself but I suspect I might need some help. (Luckily I know some inspiring people)

No doubt, I have work to do. Bloody hell, it isn’t exactly cheap or easy but I did it to myself. 🤷🏻‍♀️

All is not lost...There was some good news too.

  • Chi/ life force/ prana: 7 out of 9. YEEEEESSSSSS MAAAAAANNNNNN!!! A welcomed confirmation💚

  • Third eye chakra: Wiiiiidddeee open! Yay! It’s not without its challenges but open is better than closed!

A big thanks to Dr Leigh Anne Brown! 🙏🏼

I’ll let you all know what happens next month!😬😬

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