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Moving my spiritual practice

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I have had to move my spiritual practice to the early hours of the morning. I usually do meditation, tarot -and/or whatever else I’m feeling- at night after the kids are in bed. The problem is that I am exhausted and usually end up meditating myself to sleep.

I decided to read Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning. I’ve been told about this book on numerous occasions and just never gotten around to reading it. Perhaps a subconscious boycott? 🤔

As with What are you hungry for I’m not going to summarise the book but I will tell you what I’m experiencing.

Hal proposes that waking up early and getting your physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual practice out of the way in the morning is a big step toward changing your life. He goes on to give a plethora of justifications and name drop as many celebrities who have had resounding success through miracle mornings.

Even more astounding is that he claims you don’t actually need that much sleep and can wake up earlier feeling energized. At this point I raised my eyebrow and knew I had to test the theory...

Day 1: I was actually quite excited to get going. Sprung out of bed. No issues! I have to say there is something quite beautiful about meditating to the sound of morning birds. It really is a refreshing and effective way to start the day. The rising sun seemed to shine approval over the intentions I had set and I was relaxed and rejuvenated. So as I sat basking in the orange glow of a earth's latest rotation, I thought to myself. ''Hal Elrod knows what's what.''

Until about 14:00......LORD ABOVE!!! I was sooooo tired. Seriously, like a positive and enthusiastic zombie!!! Nevertheless I followed the books instructions and the last thought I thought that night was: ''Tomorrow I will wake with energy and purpose, it's going to be awesome!!!!''

Day 2: True enough, as my alarm sounded at 04:30 that was the first thought I thought. Yay!!!!

No, not yay. I somehow managed to fall asleep again. At 05:00 I woke with a jump and forced myself out of bed. I did experience the same morning beauty and enjoyed a fabulous meditation.

I was pleased to note that I only felt the yearning for my granny nap at about 16:00. I pushed through...

Day 3: Dragged myself out of bed did everything I needed to do. Yes, it is still beautiful and it is working for me.

Accidentally took the granny nap at about 15:00.🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂😂

As far as needing less sleep goes, I’m not too sure but I'm confident that (after time) I'll get used to it. It hasn't been a breeze but I can see that its working and I can see how it could change my life. Read the book, you'll see what I mean,

So, for me... on wards!

SIN: My evenings are far more relaxed when I don't have to worry about getting my spirit work in before bed.💚

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