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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Remember I said that I had found some psychics on IG who were ridiculously busy? Well I heard from one them. FINALLY! So this one offers free energy clearings. With that offer being in such a stark contrast to what I have experienced in the past, I couldn't resist. I DM'd on 22 July and and today I got a response. ''Sure'' he said.

Possibly too good to be true? There is only one way to find out. After all, he can't be worse than the others.

We got to chatting and he asks for some general information and that I keep still and be alone. After checking that I'm ready he begins. Relaxed, I closed my eyes and waited. Now this is the part that most would find disconcerting. "What am I waiting for?'' ''How do I know that anything is happening?'' ''I am literally chilling and waiting for a man on the other side of my world to clear my energy.'' Ha haaa, I'll admit that it does sound bizarre. 😜

As I wait, content and curious I begin to get visuals, like I'm in a meditation. A very bright white light that begins to crack me open in it's desperation to escape. "interesting.' I thought. I begin to take deeper breaths and really lean into it. Soon enough my heart and hand chakras are 'ablaze' - heat and tingles. I have said that you can feel when a healer has been all up in your energy - Well, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he had been all up in my business. 😀

It wasn't long and soon after he finished he began to ask if I felt anything. This is when my curiosity peaked. So we get no feedback? No advice or blood guilt warnings? No tall dark handsome strangers? Hmmmm. I asked him why and his response was quite profound. He first said that people usually ask the same sort of questions (I can believe that). The part that blew me away was...''I usually give people enough clarity of mind to answer their own questions.'' WOW. I find this to be sooo powerful. Instead of simply performing energy clearings ON people, it is an energy clearing to EMPOWER people. What a beautiful way to help.... It wasn't until much, much later that I realized what that clarity of mind had done for me. It was perfectly timed, fully understood and necessary. As if divinely orchestrated. 💜

Why does he do this? After trolling his profile the only answer can find is that he asked people for an IG shout out. Fair enough. He sometimes asked people to buy his book.... In exchange for a free clearing. Not terrible, self marketing I suppose. It leads me to the conclusion that he wants to help.

If you read I'm not psychic - are you? You will recall the 'check list' of healer qualities. (in my humble opinion)

  • They don’t advertise. It’s all word of mouth. Yes! Besides the book promotion he is promoted by shout outs from satisfied clients.

  • I cannot simply see them, I usually have to wait. They are FO busy. Yes, I waited almost a month for a reply.

  • They know things that NO ONE ELSE COULD EVER POSSIBLY KNOW. Not really, but he doesn't do the whole advice thing. If he did 'see' anything, he's not saying.

  • They genuinely want to help, and you can sense it. Yes. Definitely.

  • If they saw doom, gloom or blood guilt on the cards, they would call me and tell me. For free. N/A - he doesn't do those kind of readings...but hopefully.

  • I can feel that they were all up in my energy after seeing them. OMG yes!!!!

  • They don’t trigger doubts. I trust them completely. I have no doubts and I am still enjoying the benefits of the clearing, even now.

After the clearing and the general chat I will say that he is passionate and sincere. I am among the satisfied clients. So at the risk of sounding like a groupie..... I can actually - and honestly- say that I have met a legit IG healer!!!!!! Yay!!!! Thank you Benton Ryer!!

Go and have a look, you wont be disappointed. @bentonryer 🤗

Image Artwork by Tara Rieke-Elledge

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