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Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Gone are the days when full moons were just beautiful and romantic...

They are now a mechanism for madness within my life! As one goes further down the rabbit hole that is spirituality, you learn that the moon is a major player in our lives. Sure there's the usual suspects, tides, germination and light but spiritually the moon affects me.... a lot.

I have asked myself the question, ''Stacey, have you lost your damn mind?'' but, now I have come to learn the signs and symptoms and regard them with a fondness. Perhaps you will recognise some?

  1. Oscillations: It feels as though there is a current moving through me. Like there's something coming and I can’t sleep for the next few nights because I need to be ready.

  2. Emotional: Lord! From fine to furious in under a second. Or from happy to sobbing because the lady next door hasn't seen her cat for a staggering 15 minutes. It's a bloody roller-coaster.

  3. Desperate need to go in: When ever there is a full moon on the cards I know I have to do some cleaning out. A yearning for deep meditations and great reflection.

  4. Calm: After all the madness a beautiful sense of tranquility. Like a reprieve after the storm. By this stage, I deserve it.

  5. Joy. So this one is either me being happy that I've done some work or just happy that's it over. Ha ha!!! Joy is joy and I'll take it.

Even though there are days when I am certain I'll turn into a werewolf I can't help but marvel at the profound affect that the moon has on me. Perhaps It comes with being more connected or open to possibilities. It can be crazy and really funny but I have formed a sort of bond with the moon, she and I have an understanding. The wonderful Janet Sutherland (brilliant Tarot reading family member) once told me to dance naked under the full moon. I remember frowning and thinking ''WTF?'' but at the rate I'm going, anything is possible. Stacey Duffy - certified lunar-tic

☎️ Janet Sutherland: +27 82 579 7736. Whatsapp/Call to book readings

I'm thinking about submitting this to NASA....👇🏼

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