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Light them up!!!!!

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I am not new to the concept of exchanging energy. Everyone we interact with affects ours and we affect theirs. Its an 'energy dance' if you will, and we have to choose our partners wisely. It is that ability to choose that had eluded me. Until recently.

If you start to pay attention, you'll start to notice who raises your vibe and who lowers it. Obviously we have no problem being around the 'raisers' but we cannot always avoid the 'depleters'. As Jason Wolverson ( Spiritual Healer) always tells me: ''you have to protect yourself'' and its true. 'Depleters' will stealthily take and take and take and you won't realise until there is nothing left. It could be a negative relative, the avid complainers at work or that person who repeatedly has the same problems. Repeatedly hears the same advise and repeatedly ignores it. Cut them loose if you can, if you can't, protect yourself! Use white light, a mantra, crystals or carry a smudge stick around with you. Whatever works! Your vibe is your line of communication with the cosmos and its imperative that you defend it!

On the flip side of this, you have to decide what vibe you are putting out. How are you affecting the vibes of others? I have always had the ability to make people feel better, or happy or have them in stitches. It comes quite naturally to me and you never know how much somebody needs it. My brother and I have both suffered from depression. We often discuss how you can be in a room full of people but no one will know whats happening in your head. It‘s hard. That's why I have consciously decided to be a 'raiser.' Yesssss man!

Through humour, a huge smile, sarcasm, terrible language, laughing myself and random exclamations like ''Happy Thursday!!'', I have often had a positive effect on the mood of a person and on a good day, the mood of a room!!! I have used the same skill set to inspire my team at work. I'ts amazing!!! My heart is always left smiling. I'm not bragging (that much) I'm saying that if you can be a raiser, is it not your cosmic responsibility to raise the damn roof? LIGHT THEM UP!!!!

Some people will find you odd, others will be unaffected and sometimes only one will go up with you. Maybe that one really needed it. Maybe one is enough.

The point - Protect your vibe, raise vibes. Simple. 👌

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