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Let's Go Go Go Go!!! It's time....

There are many who are aware of the energetic hum at the moment. Since July it has been increasing in intensity. Some of us feel and hear it, and some

have a very clear knowing. It's a call to action.

As the saying goes, 'out with the old and in with the new.' It's exciting but also frightening. We cannot just wake up one day and decide that we are done with the past and have the new start on command. It's an intricate game of spiritual chess, each move affecting the next and changing the board. The only constant is the knowing that you have to move. Whether you move to win or move to fail is not important, but the move (and the lesson) remains imperative.

It's fear that causes procrastination and overthinking, and that is how people get stuck. The vibration for me at the moment is one of endings. We have to start wrapping up. We usually know what 'it' is and September, with its arms folded and eyebrows raised is asking, ''What are you waiting for?'' I know that October is waiting with bated breath to sweep through and clear out the old, Shooo, I sense the urgency. Consciously, I do all of the right things, say the right things, but I too have been in a stagnation loop. Feeling quite overwhelmed by the closings that were imminent. subconsciously, getting in my own bloody way. 🙄

I have a friend who consults a specific healer. as do I, but about three weeks ago I called her up and said that I needed to see her healer. Ingrid. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY! With clarity and conviction, I knew I had to do it. She organised an appointment and as we travelled there yesterday I had an excitement brewing because their was something this lady was supposed to tell me.

When we arrived I was awash with a sense of calm and I when caught glimpse of the infamous Ingrid, I was certain of two things.

  1. Wow, her energy is immense - fierce! It appeals to me and draws me in.

  2. I know this - I know this soul. I know it well.

We had the most incredible session (though it felt more like a reunion of old friends). We spoke about so many things and as she cleared me we spoke about my past lives. Not only did she bring me confirmations that fed straight in to my new way life, but she cleared the binds that those, old lives still had on me.

While she worked and spoke, the missing pieces that I have been relentlessly searching for, fell into place -one by one. She spoke directly to my soul and as I surrendered, forgave, accepted and decided, I was gifted with a vision of my soul stepping out and stretching. As if to say ''finally''.

I will tell you about my past lives in another post. There is too much. For now, I will tease you with these little tasters:

  • I know why I fear exposure.

  • I know where some of the weird things that happen in mediation come from.

  • I know who the wolf is...

OMG 😱 I knnnnoooowwwwww. How juicy!!!

Today's post is not just about me. Its about the ending of cycles. Dealing with those endings, breaking patterns and stepping out ready for the changes and the shake-up that (my intuition tells me) will be here by November. Alas, we are running out of time! So here's a ‘how to’ on navigating endings:

1. Embrace the ending.

People always associate endings with massive events like the end of a life, relationship or career. That may be the case, but it could also be the end of a mindset, or bad habit. Perhaps it's an end to the old you. Whatever is coming to a close, take a deep breath, find it and embrace it. I know how difficult it is, but you know what it is...JUST FACE IT. Remember that endings pave the way. Journal, meditate, consult a healer - whatever. Just sit in it and make peace.

2. Deal with the feels

When we acknowledge an ending we have to let the resulting emotions out. You might grieve over an ending or be overwhelmed with disappointment. I have sometimes processed shame because of how the old me dealt with things. What ever that emotion is, you have to let it through, that is where the lesson is, that is how you unlock the new beginning. When you ignore the feels you trigger the 'loop effect' (I've done it so many times). You will swing around to the same ending, the same feels until you let it flow. Surrender to the feels, listen for their whispers, they will guide you.

3. Be active in your new beginnings

This is usually a contentious issue. There are memes and articles for days about how you have to let go and let God or the universe or spirit, what you end the sentence with is irrelevant. I am all about believing and faith but... There is a thin line between manifesting and spiritual bypassing. If you’re working towards manifesting a particular beginning you have to attract it - continuously!!!!!!!! You can't sit back and relax because November is bringing changes. Hear me when I say - November is bringing what you make space for. So if you do nothing.... 🤷🏾‍♀️

Make clear what you want, clear the path, and picture yourself already living it.

It is so difficult and uncomfortable and emotional but you have to. There is no better time that NOW!! (Eckhardt would be so proud! 😁) Don't be afraid to reach out for help. Go to my inspirations page for contacts. If you would like to see Ingrid please email me and I will pass on the details. It is a privilege to consult with her, but she is not comfortable with me putting her picture or details up. Also, she’s not about bringing back lost lovers or telling your future. 😬

Go forth and end - healthily- good things are on the way!!!!

Meme from Spiritual Man

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