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I am not psychic, are you?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

So, Road to Spirit's email has received a plethora of questions about love lives, lost lovers, demons and fascination or curiosity. Alas, I am no more psychic than a spoon 🥄 and the only gift I might have is that of the ‘the gab’. So unless someone needs me to talk their twin flame into returning, I cannot help. I have however, referred these people to those who possibly could.

Besides the Christians who are trying to save my soul (thank you, but not necessary) another common email I get is ''Which Instagram Psychic should I use?'' OMG! How interesting? I had no idea that there was such a thing. So I decided to reach out, and conduct “an experiment“, if you will.

Now I am not in a position to judge whether or not these people are in fact psychic or whether or not they are good ones. I can (as always) only recount my experiences. I was really excited to get going, so I DM'd a bunch of psychics (I could not believe how many there were) and waited. Given that I am spoilt enough to consult with two crazy talented and inspiring healers I was not too sure how and IG healer would work....

As the responses came in, it turns out I was able to to sort the IG Psychic/healer/intuitives into clear groups.

  1. The 'Vague-ers' 🔍

These all sent me messages like this:

I sense a male presence around you. I get a fatherly vibe. Please text the hotline/ reply to my DM if this sounds correct or resonates with you.

These guys made me laugh. To me, it seemed as though they play it safe and wait for me to give them cues. Which I did. It was wonderfully entertaining.

2. The Harbingers of Doom 😱

Wow, this lot are bit hectic.... Apparently my ancestors are possessed by evil spirits or they have amassed some seriously bad Karma. ''blood -guilt'' (Bloody Hell) If I did not respond I would be doomed to a life of torment. Or, I would never live the abundant life that I want. It seems we would HAVE TO do a ritual to clear the envy of the spirits. Uuuum, wow.

3. The Clearers 🔮

Ok, so positive and promising. I have such great things on the horizon. Yay! But, similar to the Harbingers, I was not going to get it until I paid for their reading/question/ whatever they were selling. They NEEDED to clear it for me. Only then would I be wonderfully, blissfully happy and LOADED!

4. The Ghosters 👻

So all of these have a text/ phone line abroad. As soon as you reply to say that it will not work from SA, they go quiet. As if all the messages and visions and energies had disappeared. Odd. Perhaps Africa is outside their range?

I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Ha haa! 😂 I know this post comes off as 'judgey'. That really isn’t my intention, and that’s why there are no names. These people could be incredible and maybe they have good intentions but the fact is, I felt baited. ''Pay or else....'' Not really a healer vibe they are putting out.

Yes, psychics/ healers/ lightworkers (which ever term you use) deserve to be paid for their time. Absolutely, but the healers I know are very, very different.

  • They don’t advertise. It’s all word of mouth.

  • I cannot simply see them, I usually have to wait. They are FO busy.

  • They know things that NO ONE ELSE COULD EVER POSSIBLY KNOW.

  • They genuinely want to help, and you can sense it.

  • If they saw doom, gloom or blood guilt on the cards, they would call me and tell me. For free.

  • I can feel that they were all up in my energy after seeing them.

  • They don’t trigger doubts. I trust them completely.

There were a group of people who didn’t actually advertise as psychics but I found them through the esoteric pages etc. They had full websites with addresses and general accountability. I did DM them. I’m still waiting to hear from them. I suspect they might be FO busy. 😉 I will keep you posted.

As it stands, this handful of IG psychics have been found wanting. Maybe my dark ancestral karma is clouding my opinion? Perhaps I am 'judgey' and full of shit? But using fear or peoples longing to make them click or pay does not sit well with me. Love them, hate them - it’s up to you. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Just be sure to listen to yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable-trust that!

👉🏼 Sam Sequiera +27 84 800 0254

👉🏼 Jason Wolverson +27 72 294 9195

Both can do online TO ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD...🤣

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