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Hippies, Gurus and the Average Joanne Soap.

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

I have been contemplating a great deal this week. I always advocate for the lost and frantic people at the beginning of awakening. I remember it well. So I decided to do what everyone does when they start something new, I googled.

There are images and articles by celebrities and motivational icons. Links to different types of meditation. Links to Gaia, links to research and videos about psychedelics. Nudists, festivals, workshops, markets, opinions on everything and bowls that sing. As always, there are the ads... ''Bring back lost Twin Flame''. ''Best Psychic in the world'', ''Free energy clearing by powerful psychic''. Not forgetting the mystical tarot readers and the talented witches and finally, the Gurus. Many of them draped in cream cloth, sitting in quarter lotus and proffering their devout followers pearls of wisdom and enlightened gems. Wow!!! 🤯 It's a huge amount of information.

About an hour and half later, in a trance induced by a vast sea of chakras and mandalas I stopped and took a breath. It's no wonder people think I'm crazy!!!!! Bloody hell!!! I am years into this so the content doesn't scare me, but, it is overwhelming. I can see why people shy away from and misunderstand spirituality and self awareness.

The problem, as I see it, is that most of us have physical lives and we want to succeed all while discovering ourselves and tapping into the abundant joy that spirituality can bring. After scrolling through all of that information, it seems impossible. It seems as though we have to relinquish the physical to excel in spirituality. Can we balance work, family, ambition and success in the physical realm and still honestly and wholly explore the other realms and (more importantly) the diverse layers of self?

I SAY YES!!! (though, I'm no guru)

We don't have to choose! Perhaps the idea that we must be one or the other is a construct of ego? We can do what ever we want! You do not have to follow a guru, you do not have burn incense or buy a set of drapes to wear while you sit on a mountain perch and meditate for three months. It isn't feasible for most of us. I have a job that I want to rock!!! I have a family to love and a full physical life. I'm not just going to let it go, I want to thrive!!!!! On the other side of that coin, I meditate and consult with incredible healers, read cards, speak to my guides, work on self (both light and shadow, physically and energetically) and read, read, read about the universe and buddha and psychologies and, and, and.... With one foot on the this plane and the other in the metaphysical I'm inspired and driven to succeed and understand - everywhere, in every time and every reality.

Don't get me wrong, there are some ridiculously inspiring and wise people out there but I believe that their success or followers or enlightenment comes as a result of their choices. Choices they made in integrity while discovering who they are and what they want. No where is it written that all spiritual people become lightworkers or yogis or hippies who throw physical world worries to the wind! There is no official process and that is why it's so daunting.

Obviously we are not all the same, some will feel as though they have found 'home' and just slot into what seems their divine purpose. I'm writing this for those who feel confused and crazy... I'm writing this for me all those years ago. What ever avenue you chose to discover your spirituality remember this:

  1. This is your journey, you always get to choose. You don't HAVE TO do anything.

  2. It doesn't matter where you start. It matters that you start,

  3. If it feels off- it probably isn't your vibe and that's ok.

  4. There is so much out there, be patient (ha haaa 🤣, I need to practice what I preach) and stay open minded.

  5. Some of it is difficult, none of it is quick. Don't give up.

  6. For a while, everyone seems better or further along or just amazing. It will pass. You don't need to be like anyone else.

  7. What ever your spiritual practice, you will be re-discovering who you are and what you believe. Deciding how you want to live. There is no pre-decided end goal. It is a fluid process.

  8. No matter how many times you change mind or direction, you'll realise that the shifts in you ARE THE PRIZE!

We read time and time again that we need to nurture body and soul. It's nonsensical to ignore one half and expect the other to remain unaffected. It's the same when trying to balance our existence between rays. Take care of your self, work on your self, observe yourself physically and spiritually and you should be able to thrive physically and spiritually. You can have both! Aaaand, you can do it in jeans and sneakers, like the average Joanne Soap. No need for ty -dye or cream drapes.😉

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