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F?$K All Y'all!!!!

As I sit looking at a pile of my hair, I am forced to take cognisance of the effects of stress on the body. I have less that half of my hair left. It just falls out in clumps. I know its stress and yes, I have surplus but it still freaks me out.

If I think of all the spiritual literature I've read, I know that I should step out of it. I know that I shouldn't let other people bother me. I know that all will be well and I should focus my energy on the positives and I know that there is something I need to learn from all this. I am not perfect. I am young in spirituality and sometimes the trials in the physical world feel insurmountable. As for the lesson, FFS, what is it???? It must be a big one.

What am I doing to combat the stress?

Meditation: As much as I can. Under the crushing weight of my current reality, I am exhausted and my mind, (capitalising on my fatigue) lets my inner saboteur out. Saying things like, ''I'm too tired'', ''I don't have time'', ''I'll do it tomorrow.'' I resist it, and I try. I have had words of encouragement from my guides and others, and focused on unblocking my energy, but sometimes I just fall asleep while I'm 'in there'.

Exercise: Exercise grounds me. In an attempt to reverse the long lasting effects of (far too much) cortisol in my system, I train. Lost in some crazy rave music I fight for homeostasis. There is no better way to work out my frustration and clear my head. No, I don't always feel like it and I have to drag myself out the door. But, I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER afterwards.

Therapy: There's nothing like an objective opinion, or a neutral ear that has no opinion. Just a sounding board to help with processing and working through the stress. Like I said in ''Who Needs Therapy'', there are a multitude of therapies out there and I do them concurrently.

So what more can I do? Nothing, just ride the wave. I have to take care of myself so that I can take care of my kids. Even though I hate confirming proverbs - 'You can't give from an empty cup.' There will always be people who would do it differently. There will always be people who say that I'm wrong. There are always people who don't understand. How can they? It's my journey. Maybe they think they are helping, but when I'm scrambling and trying to evacuate a burning building, stopping me to say that the house is on fire instead of grabbing a bucket - is not helpful. It is FO infuriating.

The point of this week's short and to the point post: This is my stress, I will deal with the feels in a way that suits ME best because I have to care for those 'gorg' boys. I have to teach them how to take care of themselves and practice self love. Society certainly won't show them. I'm not writing this to swear at people (no matter how satisfying) I'm writing this because I got lost in it and forgot that I decide on the way forward.

I may get it wrong, but if that is the case, I have the chutzpah to stand up and answer for it. But nay-sayers will get no more explanations from me. To quote my editor, Jenny Tart Heslop Spencer 'Never explain, friends don't need it and enemies will never believe you anyway.'' Back in a space of self-love, I breathe the free air, wave enthusiastically and say - ''F&*K all y'all judgmental people.'' Mind your business, while I get on with mine.

Editor - Jenny Tart Heslop Spencer

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