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'Effing' Valentines Day...

I hate Valentines day!!! I always say that, but then I kind of get into it. I'm probably just trying to protect myself. -Old habits- 🤷🏻‍♀️ But this year, I really hate Valentines day!!!!

My son is nine, and perfect, and cheeky (no idea where he gets it from) He is a romantic through and through. He loves Valentines day, he loves all the 'moosh', flowers, love letters and the barrage of red that comes with it. Bless him! Definitely didn't get that from me. This year a little girl at school asked him if he would be her valentine. My response -''Cool boy, that's so nice!' No apparently not- he was tormented. He told me he couldn't possibly be her valentine, because he had a crush on someone else. -What a boykie!!!- I cannot.🥺 I told him he has to tell her the truth. He knew it but the thought made him feel sick. I encouraged him for three days and he eventually did it.

''Mom I told her.'' And? how did it go? What did she say?

''Fine, she said ok and we carried on playing'' Oh - OMG!! If only adults could be so gracious. I'm so proud of this little dude.

So......The crush!

He told me that he needs to ask her but he just can't. We spoke about it for days. On Tuesday the 9th he comes home and says ''I didn't do it, I was so nervous''. ''Shame that's ok, tomorrow.''

We were running out of time though, the Valentines exchange at school is happening on Friday the 12th. Wednesday morning he gels his hair and he tells me today is the day.

''Looking so handsome' I say, he rolls his eyes. Ha ha. 🤣 I spend the whole day at work wondering what happened. When I get home:

'What happened? Is she your valentine?

I don't know yet.....

What? Why not?

''I couldn't do it, I was too nervous, so I sent a note.''

(he sent his little brother to deliver the note)

''I was so worried that he gave it to the wrong girl! So I made him point her out.''

Little brother - ''I was so worried that she would think that a grade one wanted to be her Valentine) 😂😂😂dying on the inside.

''So she will tell me tomorrow.''

That's awesome, well done! (another day of the suspense, OMG.)

Thursday after work:


''She said no.''

At this point I feel the 'mama bear reaction' kicking off inside me. Most mothers know this feeling. Logic, and calm no longer exist. Some one has F*&%ed with your baby and you are suddenly a volcano that has to erupt! (inwardly so that your baby doesn't see)

I may have called this little girl some really inappropriate names in my mind, said things like ''Who does she think she is?'' ''Is she blind?'' ''She would be so lucky!''

I knoooooooow its so bad!!!😬 But I cant help it. I cannot witness his pain without without shifting into this place.

Outwardly: Baby I'm sorry. But at least she told you the truth. Like you did with the other girl. ''I know'' he says. Poor boy!!!! He shed some tears later and we spoke some more. Towards the end he said with a grin... ''mom maybe I'm not actually handsome.

CUE THE DRAMA: ''WHHHHHAAAAATTTTTT, boy please!!!!'' hands waving, eyes rolling and shouting. He smiles. - he's going to be ok. He learnt some valuable lessons this week. Sure it’s hard and makes his mother crazy but he came out better, like a champ. God I love these dudes.❤️😩 Maybe Valentine's day isn't soooo bad.

P.S. On Valentines morning I woke him up and whispered in his ear ''Will you be my Valentine?'' Sure mom. BLESSSSSSSS HHHIIIMMMM!!!! He got big chocolate in response.❤️❤️❤️❤️

Little brother: Also in a whisper ''Will you be my Valentine?'' Hhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm, I don't know. WHHHHHAAAAAAA HHHHAAAAAAAA 😂😂🤣🤣🤣dead!!!!! He got a big chocolate in response.

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