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Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Despite all the chaos that ushered July in, I can't help but feel calm and assured. As if every thing is going to be ok. Coupled with that, is the feeling that everything I've been giving energy to will find me. I sat in the sun one morning and said to myself. ''Let it go, its coming...'' this from the place of knowing that so many people refer to. I'm not sure how and when or even why its coming. But I have no doubt that it is coming!!!

I also found that I was just vibrating higher..... again, I don't fully understand why but I am sure of it. I suspect that some of it can be accredited to the new (COVID induced) sense of gratitude that I feel as I wake, or the joy that overwhelms me at the strangest times leaving me smiling like a clown at random intervals. I finally feel the difference in my energy. These emotions definitely affect the frequency at which I vibrate, its quite amazing.

Perhaps I had 'levelled' up in anticipation of the new moon in Cancer. But a few days before it, I FINALLY managed to connect like I used to before Covid wreaked havoc on my spiritual practice. Every meditation giving me goose bumps and tingles. My hands hot and charged and the imagery clear and precise. WOW!!! I suddenly receive more answers from intuition and am sending sooooooo much energy out to different people for many different reasons but I feel as though I have to. Also new, is a compulsion to use my hands. So now I move them according to what I'm seeing. They help move, send or shape energy ...... I must look hysterical. Still, it feels so right!!!

In meditation two nights ago, after centring and contemplating and sending healing, I found myself at the boulder. I pushed it aside expecting to see the wolf. I did, but he's standing off to the left. ''Odd.'' I think. As I step out I am greeted by an enormous and magnificent stag. Admittedly my first thought was, ''Does he know he is wolf food?'' Haa haaa🤣 But then I touch my head to his snout. In that moment I trust him - completely, and I know I'm meant to follow him. We walk quite a distance but as we reach the river he starts to walk far to the right and then far to the left. Repeating the pattern over and over. I look at him wondering why we are doing this and then, before my eyes he turns into a snake. Confused I check for the wolf, I sense him nearby. Reassured, I continue to follow. The snake comes to a sudden halt and begins to coil backwards. I'm just watching and waiting. Finally he springs forward and flies through the air. When I look closer I see that the snake has turned to an arrow. Eventually I couldn’t even see it, let alone follow it so I let it go. When I came out of the meditation I bolted for my oracle deck and sure enough..... 🌀

Okay, what am I actually saying? That this month has brought change, for the universe. You need only scroll through social media to see that everyone is seeing the same things, feeling the shift and rising to meet it. Today I looked back over the last few weeks and noticed how the messages and signs have been like a confirmation puzzle that I only now trust myself enough to recognise and piece together.

First - A clear instruction to Vibe higher: Covid - As I detailed in Covid 19 and the Zest List it was horrific and hard but it was also the catalyst for gratitude and joy.

Second - Prepare for big changes and big discomfort: I don't post Tarot cards unless I get a clear message. I pulled The Tower and got this 👇🏽.

Third - Lean into changes, embrace the new you, protect your energy. What a powerful and and profound meditation.

🦌 Trust and Thrive

🐍Shed old Skin

🏹Surround yourself with protective energy

I do love confirmations!!!! although It may read as though my crazy has stepped up a notch. I don't care...I have never been more certain. I am content.

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