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Chronicle Your 'Crazy'...

I started journaling many years ago. The Advice from Sam Sequiera; 'Write it down babes. YOU HAVE TO.'' Luckily writing comes naturally to me, the hard part is putting my deepest darkest fears and harder still, (for me) my feelings on paper. It took a little while to get used to it, but I was eventually hooked. It became part of my daily practice, an essential therapy for my spirit. I now love it!

I write pages and pages, it literally pours out of me. These books became a safe haven for my busy mind and a retreat for my soul. Once you write something down in a safe place you give yourself permission to let it go. For a while. It is there, you can come back at any point and you no longer have to worry or obsess over it. You can stop and breathe.

There have been many a time where I wrote my feelings and concerns and as I furiously wielded the pen, I found that I had overlooked something. I often write this sentence ''If I am honest.....'' and then my real feelings about something come to the fore. The person we lie to the most is ourselves and my journals have been a great influence in my quest for self actualisation. Every possible emotion is stored on those pages. From love to shame, hatred to empathy... they all feature. Feelings felt are feelings actualised or released. These books have become a catalyst in my healing and progress.

As I wound further down the spirituality spiral I began to capture my meditations , tarot readings and messages. I chronicled ''my crazy'' in immense detail and those entries, when read back, are profound, beautiful and rewarding.

Some may have noticed that it has been somewhat longer than usual between posts. I have been busy. Busy going back. I wrote in Horror Movies Within that I came upon some fears that I had forgotten about. Fears that I had written in my first journal...the one I cannot bring myself to open. With the theme for posts of late being 'finding and facing fears' in the hope of moving past them, moving forward. Obviously, I had to open THAT journal. Meh...

After writing and writing for days, when I am done I habitually open my hands and lay them on the pages and take some deep breaths. My husband would sometimes watch and he once asked, ''Why do you do that?'' I told him that it felt as though I was leaving the energy of that days revelations in the pages and that I would one day be able to feel it again. As usual he looked at me like crawled out cheese and said ''oooooook.'' Haaaa haaa.😂🤣

I took a deep breath and opened it up. I read and read and true enough as I held that book in my hands I was right back there. I felt it, all of it. Fortunately after so many years of work I was able to step out, observe it. With compassion I could let much of it go. Some of it was actually a misrepresentation. What the real feelings or causes were -though obvious to me now- in that moment at that time in my life, I would never have been able see.

Alas, its not all happy endings and silver linings. There were things there that I still carry, that I'm still working through. Perhaps the extra perspective will speed it up? 🤷‍♀️

The point is that these journals have been a saving grace in my life and I recommend the practice to anyone and everyone. Some people really struggle to get going or even to write. There are so many tools available. You can choose from many downloadable journaling prompts and work your way through them. Start each page with ''Today I feel...'' or ''I am....''. You will be amazed by what you find and proud when you read back and see your progress. Give it a go, Chronicle your crazy.

NB: Be sure to leave instructions with your family. In the event of my death BURN THEM IMMEDIATELY. 🔥🔥🔥 Do not open them, do not cherish them, do cry over them BURN THEM! Ha ha.😁 After I have resolved the drama in the first one, I may burn it myself!

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