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Because I don't listen!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Today I am being forced to slow down and take stock! I have documented my new journey and the fact that I am burning with a flame of fierce determination. Its wonderful! I am alive and fulfilled. The problem is that I am so taken by the cause that I don't listen, I just GO GO GO!!!!

Here are all the warning signs that I have so blatantly ignored:

  1. In Session with Sam Sequeira (see inspiring people) she tells me to stretch, she sees traction in my future. I do (for a bit), but it was long ago so I'm sure it's fine now.

  2. I train- hard. I have to, it clears my head and supports my quest for health. So hard in fact, that I have cuts and blisters on my feet. They hurt, but I have a high pain threshold and I NEED to keep going. When I get home I have bled through my sneakers but that's fine!!!

  3. As mentioned in Bitch, please I have been wired and overwhelmed. No need to's all fine. There's a full moon on Saturday, that's what causing it. Nothing I need to find or work on. It will pass. I'm a Lunar-tic remember.

  4. In a meditation, I get a message to stop 'chasing' and ground. I can't control everything, I need to focus on being present. I have started to ground more but I still do everything else at the same time. I can take over the world!

  5. Yesterday morning I get up at 04:30 to do my meditation etc. My back feels a bit sore but it is nothing serious. I wonder if I should take it easy. (obviously I should) Naaaa, its probably just stiff, some exercise will do it good. It makes perfect sense.

I am an idiot.

Today I am stuck in bed unable to move. I have pulled every single muscle in my arse. 🤦‍♀️ My lower back is in agony and every time I will it to move I am given a sharp reminder of why I need to rest. I have to shuffle anywhere that I need to go. I am also hunched over at such an angle that an outsider would think I've lost my zimmer frame. I am so irritating! I can't train, I have to accept help, put anti-inflammatories into my body, I can't sneeze and I have nothing but time to ponder what a chop I am!

You may not believe in messages from guides or metaphysical signs but I do, and I have received this message loud and clear. Are there easier ways to get this message across? Sure there are, like, blisters or warnings or a slight pain. FML - apparently I only listen to big ones!

The rate at which I snap back into the 'I'm fine, nothing affects me‘ space is alarming. If I honestly look for what I'm missing I realise that I don't want to rest out of fear. Fear that all progress will slip through my fingers and I will have to start over. Fear of regression? Fear to lose momentum? It's not pleasant, but it is a place to start...

The Point: We cannot embark on this road to spirit and then pick and choose what we want to hear and don't want to hear. Its all or nothing. Mind, body and soul are connected. To neglect one is to neglect all. So don't be a chop, listen to your mind AND your body AND your soul.

Insult to injury: Girls night tonight. I might have to cancel. Well, I suppose I could just sit and chat. It will be fine.....haa haaaa. 😂😂

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