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B$*%h, please...

This morning I find myself examining a list on Feedspot. Top 30 Spiritual Wellness blogs and websites to follow in 2021. As I look upon my face at number 13 I can’t help but laugh! 🤣 Wow, I am just trying to figure all of this out! Who do I think I am? Is any of this even helpful?

I ask these things on the back of a rough week last week. I was overwhelmed, stressed out and wired. I battled to get a hold on it. As I tried and failed to clear it in meditation I was taken by a thought... you have to go back to basics.

At first I resisted it. Again, ego playing the “I’m beyond that“ card. But when I dwelt on it, I saw that I was (to my horror) back at the beginning of this journey. Stuck in my head, frantically trying to control it (and everything around me) and failing dismally. Even though I work hard to stay connected I get lost and need to follow the most basic of spiritual breadcrumbs to get back.

I do -every now and again- get so caught up in messages and the ‘psychedelia’ of it all. It can’t always be like that. I just end up missing what I really need to see or hear because I’m looking for something specific. I often say that my guides like cutting me down to size. I imagine them clicking a sassy zigzag and saying “bitch please!” Haa haa! 😂 Ok, I hear you!

Back to basics:

Here's what works for me:


Stand on the grass, imagine roots growing from the soles of your feet deeeeep into the earth. Connect with earth energy and breathe it in through the chakras.


Long, deep breaths, fill your lungs. focus on the feeling of the air going in and out.


What do I feel, what do I hear, smell, see, taste right now. - great way to be present


Go through each and every part of your body, focus on it, feel it, relax it.


When your mind starts driving and you catch yourself thinking, finish the thought, let it through and focus on your breath again.


Just see what comes. It's not like the movie don't have to construct to fill the space,

If this isn't your vibe, go to YouTube for guided meditations or meditation music. There is so much!!! You just have to sift through to find what you like, what works.🙏🏼

I know it sounds so zen and simple but if you're like me it is not easy to quiet the mind. Practice, everyday, twice a day if you can. Don't be like me and become superior in your progress, your guides will just humble you and take you back to basics.

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