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Access Bars and Prison Bars...

If you read my recent posts, you will be able to pick up on a theme. Frustration, stagnation, confusion, and a general lack of direction. It has been bugging me. With little to no guidance from Lilith I understand that I have to figure this out on my own. I keep getting a recurring vision. It’s me as I am and I feel the weight of the unrest in my heart - acutely, vividly. I seem to split apart and all that emerges from the inside of me is something soft and light. I don’t know what it is exactly, but I receive a message at the same time. “Emerge humble, as no one and who you are meant to be.” I’ve been seeing this for weeks. It's not advice or a suggestion but the call to action that I have been referring to.

In the weeks leading up to this I have been in ego, self-hatred, self-doubt, self-love, joy, immense sadness, a place of learning and a place of beautiful and devastating realizations. This time of year is crazy busy and the place I needed to be the most continued to elude me. A place of peace. With the misalignment between my physical reality and my purpose so prominent, I realised that I had taken fifty steps backwards. Searching, asking, wondering, and chasing instead of listening, receiving, and witnessing.

Feeling out of my depth I booked a session with Emma. She is an Access Bars Practitioner. After writing Who Needs Therapy? I am always on the lookout for alternative therapies. Especially for those who don’t like to speak. Having your bars run checks all of the boxes. Powerful, profound, no words required.

Right, so what the hell is Access Bar Therapy?

Very basically, the practitioner will touch the 32 energy points on your head. This releases the electromagnetic charge of all feelings, beliefs, decisions, conditioning…. everything. From past lives too. We subconsciously hold ourselves prisoner to the agreements we’ve made in the past. Even if they are no longer necessary or relevant. By running your bars, you clear it and begin to live freely and access your consciousness. Go and research it, it is fascinating.

I went into this session with no expectations, and I was blown away. I tell Emma about my vision and Ezekiel leaving and before I know it, we begin. As I said in Go and Find Your Own, we have to be careful not to chase the mysticism of others, so if you do find yourself booking a session go with an open mind and lean into whatever happens for you because it will not be the same as anyone else. Nevertheless, here is the juicy and enthralling recount of how it went for me.

1. As she begins my heart Chakra ignites and I am pouring green into the room. Hands are open and hot and the energy I’m emitting is startling. I am buzzing and I feel her energy too, we are strangely in sync. Michael Jacksons Earth song plays in the background. Odd. 🤔

2. As she moves down to my feet the eight-foot-tall ‘light’ version of me (with new multicoloured ‘eagle’ headdress) steps out of me and places hands over my chest. We are working on me at the same time but I’m not sure if she can tell. I am certain that all I have to be in this space is nothing. I surrender.

3. Back at my head she works gently but effectively. At one point we move up in a spiral together and I find myself so grateful that I send her love straight from my heart chakra. It makes me really happy. The song has changed to Boston’s More than a Feeling.

4. I begin lucid dreaming. I see flashes from my past lives. I see myself whipping myself on the back-punishing myself. An old habit it would seem. I start to peel away at myself, with every layer I hear an opinion or judgement that I have or have had of myself. Eventually there is nothing left. When I reach this point, I take a deep breath and see that what emerges (in my recurring vision) is a lotus. It unfolds its many petals and sits stark white, on blue leaves. It makes sense. An unfoldment of me as I am meant to be.

5. I see myself and many of the latest events in my life. I’m told that I could have handled them all with love. I see exactly how. Without judgement, I endeavor to be better.

6. My attention is drawn to the back track - Whitney Houston singing “I have nothing, nothing, nooooothiinnngg….” Haaa haaaa.🤣 I notice the aches and pains throughout my body. I later checked the metaphysical meanings of the same and it all makes so much sense.

7. Out of body experiences and eventually, sleep. A deep beautiful sleep.

I came out of the session with an immeasurable sense of peace. It felt as though I was given a glimpse of my future and how I should live it. I felt privileged to experience it. I now know that I aspire to be nothing. That may seem a bit odd to some but that is the profound relisation... that I unlocked. I want to be nothing. I highly recommend Access Bar Therapy!!!!!!! You don’t have believe in anything, you have answer with consent for the healing but besides that, no talking is required. If you come out of it with nothing other than relaxation, you have still won. It was an incredible experience, and I am so happy that I went.

Contact Emma McEneaney-Nel for a session. ☎ +27 71 263 3634

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