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Abracadabra! - A forecast for 2022!

A million ''happy new year messages sent, resolutions cast in stone, and the wheels of business slowly creaking into motion as the world begins it's new beginning. Last year this time I was quite a different person. I look forward to the same time next year because I am loving the process of change.

So, what can we expect from 2022? I see it in three clear phases. If I put my latest meditations and visions into a single word, it would be MAGIC. I feel as though (if we trust and make room), we will all experience magic in some or other form.

Phase 1: Work!

Anything is possible this year. Deep in my heart chakra stirs a nervous excitement. It will not be easy, there is much work to be done. We all know what IT is. It is usually accompanied by a deep yearning. Work on it and you can have it!!!!

Be honest about what you want and why you want it. Dare to want it...

Phase 2: Keep your head in the game.

Actively negate the mind and the negativity that creeps in. Surely, we've all seen the meme about having nothing to lose but always learning, even from failure.

Yes, you can! No, he's not out of your league! Go for it! Yes, she feels the same! Or why not? Give yourself the relevant pep talk and TRY!!!! Dare to try...

Phase 3: Create

Gifted with and guided by, many scenes of conjuring and making potions and casting spells - I identify with a need to create or build something. Tap in to Svadisthana and let your imagination run wild as you create the life, business, relationship, job, body that you see in that part of the mind. The part of the mind that you know is there, but you dare not enter.

Open up!!!!! Be creative!! If ever the was a time that the world would embrace the unusual alternatives or downright crazy - it's now. Dare to dream it...

Before you go.... the most important and the biggest on going lesson for me. DO EVERYTHING IN LOVE. Disagree in love, argue in love, be sad in love, cut someone out in love - stay in love. Ha haaaa 😂, I know it sounds like an oxymoron parade. 🤔 I never really understood it in the beginning either. Once you're ready, you will see that being consumed by anger, envy, resentment and the like lowers your vibe and it doesn't teach anyone anything. It doesn't help - it pours salt in the wound and delays healing. I am not saying that you cannot feel these things (you will, and you have to let them through) but rather that once you've stepped out of them and looked properly at the situation - make sure that your words, responses, decisions, and actions are in love, for the greater good. This will set you free.

2020 and 2021 were teaching years. We've all passed, so now we use what we have learnt and move forward. This year is calling us to embrace a childish whimsey and step into discomfort. Whip out your want and with passion, confidence, and creativity - abracadabra!!!! In love.... abracadabra in love.😉

I wont lie, I’m FO excited for 2022!!!!

Thanks to @millionare_mentor for the meme.

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