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A relationship with food...

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Until recently, I found the idea of having a relationship with food quite bizarre. Food was food and that was that. After much introspection, meditation and consideration I discovered that I do in fact have a relationship with food. It comforted me....yes, I have had to stare down the fact that I am an emotional eater. Meh, I was deeply saddened by this realisation. I've had to learn when I seek comfort, in what foods I seek comfort and worst of all....I've had to look all the way back into my childhood to see why I started seeking that comfort to begin with. It hasn't been easy and I'm still busy with it but I am ready to change from a destructive relationship to a healthy one.

According Mr Chopra food should nourish the body. It is fuel and should bring you joy as you savour each taste, texture and colour and we should feel grateful for, and energized by it. It sounds quite magical. I can tell you beyond a shadow of doubt that I have never savoured a meal like that. I generally wolf my food down because I’m busy or just because that's what I do. Sure I have enjoyed good food but to savour a meal is an experience that eludes me. Hell's bells, I have literally been doing eating wrong my whole life. 🤦🏻‍♀️

I started making the changes on New Years day...

Think before you eat.

Too often I would eat what was convenient. So I have started to pay attention to what I am actually putting into my body. I made a burger. Instead of slapping together the usual quick and toxic combo I took time to think about what I was allowing into my temple. The result was a wholewheat seeded bun instead of a white bun. A quinoa and black bean patty not the processed chemically altered pre-made vegan patties. Fresh basil, tomato, red onion and avo. And finally, a touch of vegan mayo -because I'm not dead.

Look at and appreciate your food

I have started to make meals a beautiful, grateful experience. So I sat down with my burger and instead of digging in I decided to analyse and appreciate it. It smelled delicious which triggered my desire to wolf it down, I stopped and took a deep breath. It really was a good looking meal, colourful and enticing. I thought about how each component would benefit me and I decided to be grateful for the burger and the energy it would give me. Going in, I thought this part would make me feel a bit a ''loony". Did it? Honestly, YES!!! 😂😂 ha haaaaaa, I giggled. I'm sure I'll get used it.

Eat only when you are hungry

This one has actually been easy. I used to eat because it was time. Lunchtime = Food. Dinner time = Food. Even if I wasn't hungry. Or I would eat because others were eating. When you are eating properly you actually don't get hungry as quickly. Probably because the body is getting what it actually needs? If I feel peckish I will grab some nuts or a fruit. To eat only when I'm really hungry makes sense. On my quest to listen to my spirit it seems quite logical that I should show my stomach the same respect.

So three days in, it is going well. I still laugh when I regard and thank my food but it feels less ''loony'' every time. Now I will start to take stock of any and all changes in my mind body and soul as a result of my new life style. I will keep you in the loop...

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