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A Glimmer of Hope.

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

Finally! A reprieve from the hectic-ness that has been the in vogue, black mood of the past month or so. I found myself feeling better and on ''the up.'' The source of this positive turn was unexpected and beautiful. I couldn't wait to write about it. but first:


Reiki, LOVE IT always have. My fabulous reiki practitioner emigrated after finding love to start a family and live her best life - so selfish. 😉 I have been saying for years that I wanted to do a reiki course. But life happens and I kept putting it on the backburner. Luckily with the fireworks, champagne and chaos that came at midnight on the 31 December 2021, there also came a clear and demanding shift in vibration. As I wrote in Abracadabra! - A Forecast for 2022. We have to dare! Dare to want, dare to try, dare to dream. When the instructor called to say that there was a new course starting, there was no doubt about. I was in.


Karen Lange: Founder of the Soul Healing Academy , one of the founders of the Reiki Association of Southern Africa, chairperson of the same and Master Reiki practitioner. All impressive but the truth is it's none of that, that has me hanging on her every word. It's that she is relatable. If you scroll through this blog, you'll notice that there are many editions alluding to the fact that we don't have to be special or living on a mountain or taking a vow of silence and wearing cream drapes to be a healer. Karen embodies this for me. In her house, her normal life, she teaches others to heal, people who are who they are. People who are completely different and bound only by their hankering to help others. Besides all that, I love that I don't have to speak, for three and a half hours a week, I can just listen and be. Finally, and most importantly - She loves to say F*$k. Haa haa! Need I say more?

Andrea: Fellow student. Loves to be in control, sports a kind heart, some accurate intuition, and a seekers enthusiasm.

Kay: Fellow student. F*%king warrior, lover of shoes, somewhat of a black sheep in her circle - brave, honest, open.

So, how did these three help turn the tides?

This week’s lesson was practical in nature, and we all had to do healing on each other in groups. Exciting. When the three of us began we were sort of awkward and there was an air of uncertainty among us. What do I do in these situations? Joke, break the ice. Before we knew it we were joking and calling other bitches and throwing around f*%k you's all while doing healing. We created a safe space to give advice, constructive criticism, share ideas and be vulnerable.

At one point I said that there was no real point in working me because I'm perfect. 🤷🏽‍♀️ After healing over my stomach, Andrea diagnosed me with full of shit-ness. Kay who laughed soooo much chatted away as we worked on her and even though we really were concentrating on the healing we said the most sarcastic and hysterical things to her. She waved her hands over my arm and said, ‘there, I fixed you.’’ 🤣 While they were massaging my legs to ground me, I motioned them closer so I could whisper to them. Being the professional healers that they are, they came close to hear what I was experiencing. When I had their full attention, I said. ''It feels like I'm having a threesome with two very different men.'' SCCRREEEAAAMMMMMM!!!! 😂😂😂 At this point the other groups are laughing too. Karen says she's had silence, and tears but never giggling during reiki. Shit it was funny!!!

Perhaps I'm not doing the experience any justice, but the point is not lost. I laughed. I laughed a lot, I laughed freely and at one point when everyone was giggling around me, I realised that in that moment things were not hectic, life was not stressful. I was happy, I was ok. In that moment I had defeated the muck. (Ok Eckhardt, I get it!!!) We all know that when it gets hard, we just need a glimmer of hope, or a sliver of light. Well, I saw it in that class. Were we talking absolute rubbish? Yes! But -that is what we needed. Although we may have looked like giggling schoolgirls, these three woman are forever imprinted on my life, because they lit a candle when I felt lost to the dark. They reminded me that no matter how hard it gets, it's the simple things that pull you out. Look for them.

Joy is a healer. I am eternally grateful!

Reminded me of this meme 👇🏽

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