Dark Clouds

How I found myself here...

It started with a great depression....

After an immensely traumatic  miscarriage in 2017 I found myself in a very familiar space. ''I'm fine, I'm strong, keep it together, nothing gets to me...'' If only it were true.

On a collision course with disaster I  was given a ticket to an event, hosted by a (then) novice Life Coach Yvette Farinha. She said one sentence that would alter the course of life from that moment on.

''Change happens when you are no longer willing tolerate your life as it is...''

As if the proverbial penny had been jolted loose, it finally it dropped. Enter a spiritual awakening of epic proportions, buried emotions, old triggers, new triggers, an introduction to spirit, tears, laughter, incredible people, new boundaries and general chaos!

I am not doing it alone and I will introduce you to the life changing people I have met and will meet in the future. While this all sounds like a fairy tale, I assure you, its hard and most days, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing. The results are usually emotional, crazy and hysterical!!!

Fortunately, I'm cheeky and fierce so I don't give up easily. Come along....it makes for good reading.

The Edge

SJ Duffy

Sitting on the edge


staring down into the abyss

inner knowing

step off, you will fall

as you look up at the edge on which you were so unhappily familiar

you will not scream

yes, you will fall with fear in your heart

only because you cannot see the bottom

though you know it is not the end

shedding layer upon layer

you don't need to know who will be revealed

You do know she will be misunderstood and judged

you know she will be beautiful

you know she will be alight with fulfillment

so step off,

there is more known to you than unknown